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Chapter 216: Thank you for your hospitality.

Thanking him inside, she thought, [You idiot, you unexpectedly took the initiative to tell me about your shortcomings.

Sure enough, men are all big pig's feet, and my seduction skills are so good that they don't even know what to say and what not to say.]

According to him, Immortal Cloud Art has two major shortcomings.

One is that it can only guard against physical attacks, so I can likely poison him later.

Second, this kind of magic can only be cast where there is water.

No wonder this man always likes to sit by the canal and fish, dug a pool in the yard, and soaked himself in the pool.

He is trying to save his life.

In other words, if he is led away from the water, he can be easily stabbed to death with a knife.

For an assassin, there is nothing better than grasping the target's weakness.

She is now 100% sure of killing Robb.

  The female assassin could not help showing a sincere smile.

He had to admit that the woman had a beautiful smile.

The only drawback was her eyes.

Robb found that when she looked at him, it was like she was looking at a dead man.

"Master, here’s your midnight snack." Just then, Lillian ran out of the chapel with a large tray covered with a silver lid.

When she saw the two people soaking in the pool, she froze slightly and immediately realized, "Oh, big sister, are you coming to the chapel again"

The female assassin turned to Lillian and smiled, "Yes! Sorry to bother you again."

Lillian put down the plate and said, "Sorry, I've only prepared one midnight snack.

I'll make another one right away.

Please wait a moment."

  The female assassin hurriedly said, "I don't dare to make your work any more than you already have.

It's already shameless for me to come to live in the chapel for the night.

It would be too much if I were to eat your food again."

"It doesn't matter." Robb smiled and said, "our food here is not as precious as yours."

This sentence scared the female assassin so much that she almost thought she had been caught.

Fortunately, when she saw the gentle smile on Robb's face, she forcibly suppressed her beating heart and said, "Oh, yes, it's really not easy to find food on the snow-capped mountains."

"Then feel welcome," Robb said.

"come on, let's see what Lillian has cooked."

He lifted the lid on the big tray, and the smell of barbecue immediately came out.

  The people of the desert kingdom were extremely pious about food, and the female assassin was no exception, so she immediately looked at the big tray with awe.

There were many "串串" in the tray.

Potatoes were cut into small pieces and put on small bamboo sticks; and pork was also cut into small pieces, also on small bamboo sticks; in addition, there were mushrooms, parsley, broccoli, chicken wings, duck tongue, and even a small fish, all roasted on small bamboo sticks.

The female assassin could not help but swallow a mouthful of saliva, "What Is this strange way of eating"

"This is the famous kebab," Robb said with a smile.

Famous a ghost, never heard of it, the Kingdom of Gran has this kind of food, and it’s famous I can't get caught up.

I have to cooperate with him at this time.

The female assassin pretended to be suddenly enlightened, "Wow, so this is the famous kebab"

[Famous a ghost, I am the only one in the world who has eaten this thing, I made up the famous part.] Robb complained in his heart, but on the surface, he smiled and said, "come on, try some.

Do you like meat or vegetables”

The female assassin chose the vegetables because there was a way to get meat in the desert, but it was as difficult as entering heaven to eat vegetables, so her eyes were obviously fixed on the roasted broccoli.

Robb picked up the roasted broccoli and handed it to her, "eat carefully, don't let it fall into the pool.

It will be troublesome to change the water."

It is superfluous to advise that people in the desert kingdom will never waste food.

They regard every piece of food as a gift from heaven and must face it with the most pious attitude.

Food wasters will be punished by the God of the Desert, Seth, so that when he walks into the desert, the sandstorm will hit immediately, leaving him with no bones.

Female assassins couldn't allow the food to fall into the water.

She held the kebab carefully with her left.

For fear that the food would slip, she placed her right hand below the kebab so that If the broccoli fell, her right hand would catch it immediately.

She finally put broccoli in her mouth, and she immediately felt a rich flavor in her mouth, including broccoli, salt, pepper, soybean oil, and soy sauce.

In this small bunch of broccoli, countless seasonings have been put into it.

Calculated in terms of the prices of various seasonings in the world, this bunch of broccoli is simply an extremely expensive luxury, and only nobles dared to make something like this.

Ordinary little nobles can't afford to make this.

The female assassin only ate one bite and felt moved, “Huangsha! How much grace have I been given to have a mouthful of such extravagance I am really a sinful woman.

She swallowed all the broccoli kebabs in a few bites and then picked up roasted mushrooms, parsley, and potatoes.

Anyway, all kinds of vegetables were stuffed into her mouth.

They were so delicious that she burst into tears while eating them.

Robb said with a smile, "Don't worry.

You can slow down.

Lillian has gone to the kitchen to make more again.

There will be a lot more coming soon.

I won't rob you."

“Well… too good… eat… you, too… eat.”

"I'm glad to see you eat so well." Robb said with a smile, "I'm happier to see you eat than if I eat it myself."

Hearing him say this, the female assassin could not help but feel a thump in her heart.

Why doesn't this person feel like a bad guy What a wonderful virtue it is to give food to others.

Ah, no! He cannot fool me.

Whether he is a good man or a bad man, he is a man of the enemy kingdom.

For the benefit of the desert kingdom, I will not care about his personality.

Even if he is a saint, he is only a saint of the Kingdom of Gran, but a disaster for the desert kingdom.

For the sake of Huangsha, I must kill him mercilessly.

Thinking of this, the food in her mouth began to lose its taste.

She put the stick in her hand back on the tray and said respectfully, "Thank you for your hospitality.

I'm full."

Full, refreshed, waiting for a chance to go out.

She’s ready to kill! 


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