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Chapter 63: Peach Roll Cake Tower


“I’m sorry, I’m going home, so have fun with everyone.”

After the dress exhibition was over, we parted with Rachel.

We were going to stop by the commercial guild in the horse-drawn carriage Harry had prepared and have a party afterwards, but Elvis was caught by his mother and they were going to have a family meeting now.

I give Elvis the important things and deliver the rest of the luggage tomorrow morning.

When I stopped by the commercial guild, the receptionist’s girl colleagues were on their way home.

I invited them to the party to thank them for the summer festival, and they said they would come with me except for the married ones.

Milia was going to report to the guild leader, so I left Harry behind and walked ahead of him to Hungry Bear.

“I’m sorry for rushing, but can we reserve seats for six people”

“It’s okay because there’s an empty seat just now.”

Ginjiro was soothed by Hanz’s charming reply.

“How was your day, Ginjiro-chan”

I tell Clara that it was a great success and give her a peach roll cake tower.

“We’re having a party soon, so please bring them out when the time is right.”

I tried to pay for the meal in advance, but it seems that Harry has already paid for such a time.

Harry is very caring.

While thinking so, Ginjiro waits for everyone to arrive.

“Thank you for inviting me today.

Let’s enjoy delicious food and alcohol and use it as fuel for tomorrow’s work.


Nadia, the receptionist’s daughter’s colleague, led the toast, and we slammed wooden barrel mugs of ale into each other.


A woman with a lot of sex appeal is Lenya.

She gulped down the ale in one gulp and was overjoyed.

Nadia is not a strong drinker, so she hands the ale to Lenya.

Harry sees this and immediately orders a glass of fruit water and a bottle of red wine.

“Lenya-san, here fruit water for you.”

When Harry handed her the fruit water, she said it is fine with just Lenya.

Surprisingly, this girl had a charming personality.

“I heard that Harry-san graduated at the top of his class from the Royal School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, so you could have joined the Royal Magical Corps, couldn’t you”

That’s right.

It is a story that interests me, so I listen to it while drinking ale.

“There was talk of that, but since I am from a baron family, there was a lot of pressure around me.

I was better at magic than anyone else, but when it came to war, I had to use that power against my will.

That’s why I chose to become an adventurer, or rather, a herb collector.

Well, these days I’m learning business with Ginjiro and Edel.”

While we were talking about this, Clara-san brought a hamburger with good timing.

“Thank you for waiting.

The next dish will be ready soon, so please wait.”

Since it’s a taste comparison today, two types of hamburgers and bread are placed on the table.

“This is a hamburger with tomato sauce, and this is a hamburger with sauce that was served at the summer festival the other day.” (TLN: Yakisoba sauce, but they only say “sauce”)

Harry became talkative when the hamburger came out.

“Which one do you prefer, Milia-senpai”

Milia says she likes hamburgers with sauce.

“Which one is Harry”

Harry also chooses sauce.

“Hmm …… maybe tomato What about Lenya”

“Lenya is also tomato.”

“What about Emilia”

“Hm… Somato”

I vaguely know what they are planning to do, but what’s somato

If you’re going to do it, do it better.

“Which do you prefer, Ginjiro-san”

I could see that the three of them were up to something, so I chose tomatoe.

“We’ll have the tomato hamburger then, and Harry-san and Milia-senpai can have the hamburger with sauce over there.”

Milia says that the sauce definitely tastes better, but she doesn’t realize that this is a ploy by the juniors.

Is Milia surprisingly dense

“Hey, you’re doing something interesting, but why”

I ask Nadia and Lenya in a quiet voice so that Harry and Milia don’t overhear me.

“Millia-senpai is a person who lives her life solely for her work, and I have never heard rumors about men.

Rather, she had an air of dislike for men.

At first I thought he was aiming for the King of Sweets… Ginjiro-san, but her face is more gentle when she is with Harry-san.

As a junior, I’ve never seen anything like this before, so I hope I can at least give them a chance.” (TLN: Upgrade from Prince to King)

I see.

Harry definitely likes Milia, so I tell Nadia and Lenya that I’m on board with that plan.

“By the way, aren’t you going to sell those sweets I think they would definitely sell”

Although indirectly, Ginjiro contributes a lot of sweets and cakes to these girls.

And since they are members of a commercial guild, it was only natural that they should be connected to the business.


I would like to open a cake store in the future, but there are a lot of problems that need to be solved.”

“What is the problem If there is anything we can do to help, please let us know.”

Nadia and Lenya are getting aggressive.

Emilia doesn’t seem very interested.

“Hey, hey, I’m in charge of Ginjiro-san.”

Suddenly Milia enters our team’s conversation.

“I told them that I have a lot of problems when it comes to selling sweets and cakes, and they agreed to help me out.”

Milia asked me what the problem was, so I told her that the biggest problem was not being able to cool the cake.

Although I can put ice blocks in a cooler box to chill the cakes, Ginjiro wishes to have a refrigerator that everyone can use.

Lutz approaches the table and gives a signal with his eyes.

We’ve talked about many things and the ale and wine have gone, but it’s about time.

I make eye contact and nod, and Lutz nods, too.

Clara brought a peach roll cake tower.

The large roll cake tower stood out and attracted a lot of attention from the customers in the dining area.

When the peach roll cake tower arrived, the ladies were extremely happy.

As they were impressed by the overwhelming presence and beauty of the cake, Lutz and Hantz prepared new plates, knives and forks.

Since this was the second time for the roll cake tower, Harry asked the women which parts they liked and shared them.

Of course, the Hungry Bear guests, Bernie, Clara, and the others also had their share, and everyone enjoyed the peach rolls.



Voices leak out from the surroundings.

The mellow aroma of peaches spreads in the mouth, and that alone certainly makes me happy.

“Emilia was telling the truth.”

“The words “roll cake tower” is now etched in my heart.”

Both Nadia and Lenya were impressed.

Since Harry is the one paying for today party, I tell them that they may be able to eat again if they ask him.

Of course, I won’t receive money for the roll cake tower from Harry, but I will support Harry who is doing his best.

Ginjiro feels happy after eating and drinking.

While thinking that such a day would continue for a long time, the party was over.

I thanked Harry for the meal and asked him to take the ladies home in the carriage he had prepared.

After seeing the carriage off, I moved to the counter and ordered a glass of red wine.

Reflecting on the events of the day, I drank up the red wine that had arrived and returned to my room.


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