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There were a total of ten guards carrying the two fiery red dumplings into the tent at the back.

From the front, this was quite normal.

However, if one looked from the back, they would discover that all the tents they had set up here were fake.

They had only set up some shelves and were useless.

After the guards carried the two of them into the camp, they walked all the way back.

In front of them was a dark cave.

It was like a passageway behind.

It was pitch-black inside, and it was unknown where it led.

The guards walked into the passageway in unison and were gone in a moment.

Another guard brushed past them and came out to take their place.

Li Yuanqing followed the marks on the two of them and quietly touched the higher ground nearby to see this scene.

On the other side, the market was still crowded with people trading in full swing.

Little did they know that there was such a trap waiting behind them.

So many unlucky people had already fallen into this trap today.

In the rubble, Li Yuanqing stretched out two fingers.

In the middle was a small thing the size of a thumb.

Although that little thing looked quite small, it actually had all its organs.

It was actually a human puppet.

The little puppet even had two wings as thin as cicada wings on its back.

However, at this moment, its eyes were tightly closed as it lay quietly without moving.

Li Yuanqing stretched out his left index finger and gently pressed it on the little persons forehead.

The little guys forehead flickered.

When Li Yuanqing took off his finger, the thumb-sized person slowly opened his eyes.

The little person who opened his eyes jumped into Li Yuanqings palm.

After slowly moving his body, he completely adapted to his body.

Immediately after, the little fellow flapped its wings a few times and rushed into the air.

“After him!”

Following Li Yuanqings order, the small puppet flew out through the cracks in the stone and slowly fell down, finally landing in front of the deep cave.

He flew in along the top of the cave without hesitation.

On the other side, the images presented in front of him appeared in front of Li Yuanqing.

At first, the cave entrance was very narrow and dark.

Nothing could be seen, like an abandoned cave.

After walking for about a hundred meters, there was suddenly a light ahead.

It was a very bright intersection.

The little person stopped at the intersection.

There were two passageways here.

This passageway was very wide and was embedded with lustrous stones.

The bright light illuminated the entire passageway like daytime.

The little guy landed at the intersection and looked around.

These two passageways were very long and had a certain arc.

The people who had just arrived could no longer be found.

The little puppet flapped its wings and pushed its body to the top, sticking to the top wall.

He leaned one ear against the wall and listened slowly.

After a while, the little person suddenly looked at the passageway on the right and flapped its wings to chase after them.

This little person flew very fast.

In just a while, he caught up and vaguely saw the group of guards in front.

The ten of them still carried the two big dumplings and slowly walked forward.

Under the heavy bag, the two people inside were already dead.

However, there was one more person in front of the group of guards.

This person was dressed in a fiery red Daoist robe.

He held a black flag in his hand and walked forward absent-mindedly.

From time to time, he would look back and urge the guards behind him to move forward.

However, these guards all walked in the same manner.

There was no difference, and none of them stopped to slack off.

This person had two storage bags hanging from his hands and was playing with a huge meteor hammer.

He was even appraising it.

“These two fellows have some money on them.

The ones sent over earlier are all old and poor.

We didnt get anything.”

He seemed to be quite interested in Shi Datous Heavenly Star Hammer.

He simply hung it on his back and flipped through Shi Datous storage bag.

When this person was almost done checking the treasures, they arrived at their current destination.

He led the guards behind him and stopped in front of a fiery red door.

Speaking of which, the buildings here seemed to be covered in a layer of fiery red color everywhere.

The color looked like paint that was smeared on it, but it had the texture of flames that were flowing slowly and freely.

On the door was a very profound symbol in the center of a triangular pattern.

It was unknown if it meant something.

This person took everything he had just obtained and tidied his clothes.

Finally, he raised the small black flag in his hand and gently waved it in front of the door.

The flag waved past the door and it opened.

The man slowly walked into the room.

The guards behind him also carried two people in.

“Heavenly Master Wang, I heard that youre free now There are two new ones here.

How about you take a look”

The man, who was still looking bored outside, immediately perked up after entering the room.

His eyes were wide open and his expression was tense.

He had a very pious smile on his face as he bowed silently, not daring to raise his head.

There was a stone platform in the room.

This stone platform was thirty feet long and thirty feet wide.

It was square and there were many patterns engraved on it.

Beside the stone platform, a white-robed man with fluttering black hair was sitting cross-legged.

A faint blood-red fog slowly rose from his body.

The blood-red fog was beside him.

After circling above his head and drawing a lotus flower of flames, it slowly fell down and was sucked into his body.

It repeated itself like breathing.

It was very rhythmic.

The man did not answer immediately when he heard the announcement outside.

He only continued to breathe in and out.

The person who came to report did not dare to be anxious.

He only waited respectfully.

After a while, the person called Heavenly Master Wang finally dispersed the lotus flower on his head and slowly opened his eyes.

In his eyes, a blood-colored lotus slowly disappeared.

“Carry it in and let me see it.”

The disciple of the Divine Fire Sect outside felt relieved.

He hurriedly waved the small flag in his hand at the guards behind him.

The guards obediently raised their steps and walked in unison.

They slowly placed the two bodies on the stone platform and stood on both sides, waiting for Heavenly Master Wangs instructions.

The disciple of the Divine Fire Sect handed over the two storage bags respectfully.

“Heavenly Master Wang, take a look.

These are all their treasures.”

Heavenly Master Wang stretched out his slender fingers and casually waved them.

The two storage bags landed in front of him.

Something flew out of the storage bag and floated casually in the air.

There were many materials, some spirit stones, and a few broken weapons.

They were not valuable.

Heavenly Master Wang waved his hand in boredom and those things flew back obediently.

“Why are these people all poor now They cant even take out anything valuable.”

“Theres no choice.

This is the world.”

Heavenly Master Wang snorted coldly and swept his gaze across him.

“I see that you inner sect disciples are very happy to be on this mission.”

The meaning behind Heavenly Master Wangs words was obvious.

However, the person in front of him was not flustered.

It seemed like this was not the first time he had done such a thing.

“Heavenly Master Wang, what are you saying These are all gifts from us.

Well give you as many as we have.”

Heavenly Master Wang did not continue arguing about this problem.

He casually threw the two storage bags aside.


All of you can leave.

Dont disturb me for the next four hours.”


The man finally completed his mission.

He let out a long breath and waved his small black flag.

He left the room in unison with the ten guards behind him.

When he walked out, he finally exhaled the pent-up breath in his chest.

There was still a lot of pressure.

However, they came quickly and left quickly, so they did not notice that in an inconspicuous corner, a thumb-sized human-shaped puppet was hiding in a crack in the wall and secretly watching the situation inside.

Heavenly Master Wang stretched out a slender index finger with his long and narrow nails.

They were like sharp knives that cut a line in the center of Shi Datous body.

The rope wrapped around the periphery was easily cut open.

Finally, it fell to the sides, revealing Shi Datous body.

At this moment, Shi Datous body was already clean.

There was not even a piece of cloth left.

Only a healthy body lay there, and his face was still slightly red.

After all, he had just died not long ago.

Coupled with the fact that he was wrapped in such a warm material, his body was still steaming.

Li Yuanqing watched the scene in front of him.

It was as he had expected.

Those who were captured were controlled on the spot.

When they were wrapped up, all their auras were isolated inside.

No one knew that once the rope that wrapped their entire bodies was formed, it would continuously release flames that would burn them to death.

The people in the periphery thought that they were only temporarily controlled.

Little did they know that their companions were already dead.

Now that their bodies had been sent here, it was unknown what they wanted to do.

This was because the divine sense on Shi Datous body had already festered from the array formation just now, leaving only a wisp of it wandering around his body.

A powerful flame suddenly rose from the stone platform below.

The hot flame enveloped their bodies and burned them.

These flames looked bright, but as they burned, it made ones back shiver.

In the fire, the divine senses that were hiding in the deepest corners were also burned out.

They were roasted by the flames until they let out miserable roars.

The soul that had shattered into thin pieces let out a tragic roar, like hell on earth.

When Heavenly Master Wang saw this scene, his heart did not waver at all.

His expression was very calm.

He even pulled out a wisp of their soul that wanted to escape and used his fingertip to guide it into his mouth.

He sucked this wisp of soul into his mouth and swallowed it.

Heavenly Master Wang pursed his lips and tasted for a moment before a disgusted expression appeared on his face.

“These peoples souls are really smelly.”

He seemed to regret absorbing this wisp of soul just now.

He casually waved his hand and took out another white jade bottle.

He quickly drank a large mouthful of wine.

After pouring the wine in, he seemed to feel much better.

He heaved a long sigh of relief.

In just a short while, the flames on the stone platform had gradually calmed down.

After the flames dissipated, the bodies of the two people on the stage did not show any changes.

They were exactly the same as before.

However, the divine senses and souls that was hiding inside had been burned dry.

Now, they were completely empty shells.

Heavenly Master Wang reached out and poked Shi Datous body.

Feeling the touch, he walked to the side and casually waved his hand.

More than ten bottles appeared beside Shi Datou.

Heavenly Master Wang placed these bottles neatly and checked them one by one.

There were a total of eighteen bottles here.

These bottles were of different colors.

Heavenly Master Wang picked up a pure white bottle from the left and poured out some white powder.

The white powder was very strange.

When it was poured out, it seemed to have turned into liquid in Heavenly Master Wangs hand, turning into a pure white flowing texture like milk.

Heavenly Master Wang put the small bottle down and gently applied the white powder to his hands and his exposed arms.

His already pale palms became even paler, as if the white powder had absorbed all the blood in his body.

After applying it on his body, Heavenly Master Wangs gaze finally landed on Shi Datou.

The next bottle was an emerald green bottle.

He placed the emerald bottle a foot above Shi Datous body and slightly poured out some emerald liquid.

When the emerald liquid was about to fall from the bottle, it suddenly transformed into powder that filled the sky and scattered.

The powder seemed to be responding to Shi Datou somehow.

It slowly turned into the shape of Shi Datous body and enveloped him.

Just as Heavenly Master Wang was about to put the bottle down, his eyes suddenly narrowed.

A black light shot out from his hand towards a dark corner on his right.


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