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Chapter 47 When the Love Is Strong

The warm wine in the mouth was passed, with the tongues being entangled, making people drunk.

If Liu Yuzhen himself proposed such a plan, he really wouldn’t be able to see it through to the end, yet, right now, he was still intoxicated by the atmosphere.

Emperor Yan’s kiss was so deep, accompanied with his deep panting, and the hands that roamed around Yuzhen’s shoulders.

“Hmm…” Liu Yuzhen, who was completely laid down on the round table, couldn’t help showing a naive look.

He was still a naive child, how could he stand this kind of teasing, the more confused he was, the more he couldn’t break free.

“Don’t worry about the outside world, today, you are mine…” Emperor Yan had drawn his gaze back to himself more than once.

The purpose of this naughty guy was clear at a glance. Who does he think Yan Tenghua was –”If something happens, you can just escape” –this kind of thinking, this King will not allow it.

Yuzhen was surprisingly cooperative, it didn’t match his usual savage personality, and he was also different from his previous image of only crying and fussing.

Should he say that Liu Yuzhen was really planning something, or was Yuzhen gradually falling in love with him

This is why this unpredictable Liu Yuzhen fascinated him so much.

With the corner of his mouth raised, Emperor Yan peeled off Yuzhen’s robes, the second layer, the third layer, revealing the white and tender skin inside.

In Yuzhen’s eyes, the image of Emperor Yan gradually became tall and majestic.

He never knew that emperors and generals were like this.

The mighty temperament exuding from the inside of him made him almost unable to look directly at him.

But as soon as he looked up, he would see the always cold-faced person, the person who once vomited blood for him, was staring at him warmly.

The most hateful thing was that the Emperor actually grasped his weakness, and even fed him wine one mouthful at a time.

He also fed him dessert that was so sweet and greasy that made him ask for more, as he held it far away, so that he wouldn’t be able to reach it.

If the captain sees this, he will be so ashamed that he would want to die.

The last bite of the sweet cake fell into his throat, as Emperor Yan had already stripped him with nothing left of his body.

His body, which was originally strong and had two packs of abs, was now as slender and soft as a girl’s, with skin that could be broken by just a blow of bullets.

Realizing that he was stripped naked without any resistance, and the culprit was still smiling and staring at his naked body, Liu Yuzhen’s eyes widened, and he hugged himself aggrievedly.

 “Stop, stop.”

Of course, Emperor Yan wouldn’t stop, taking advantage of Liu Yuzhen’s disorientation, he kissed him all over his body.

The way his body was only half-covered was really alluring.

Emperor Yan carried him onto the bed with all his clothes on, sucked and kissed him, while taking his own clothes off.

Yuzhen felt that he was going crazy, he felt very happy even though he was being kissed and hugged by a man.

Moreover, that body, the body he had always wanted to see, was now right in front of him.

He knew that he was obsessed with this person’s body, and he didn’t even realize it himself that he was already reaching out to help Emperor Yan undress his clothes impatiently.

The heat of the body could no longer be tolerated.

“Yuzhen, don’t worry,” Emperor Yan said with a contented smile on his delicate and handsome face, “Even if you want to escape today, you won’t be able to.”

Liu Yuzhen nodded dumbly, as his five senses had been dazzled by his boiling blood, and he merely acted entirely by his extremely sensitive senses.

Now all his intuition and senses were being dulled by Emperor Yan, as his fingertips touched all his sensitive areas. 

“Even if, even if you come to my Aunt today…um, um…I won’t run away either.”

Emperor Yan simply ignored his nonsense.

He turned over the brat who was trying to counter pressure him again and again, and without any accident, stuck to his back that was as smooth as a porcelain.

He couldn’t wait any longer, and after a quick jerk and making sure that it’s wet enough, Emperor Yan leaned forward immediately. 

“Hng!” It’s so tight. Yuzhen’s body was as if it had never been developed.

It was obvious that he had been bullied like this before.

Really strange, no it isn’t.

Although the disguise was very similar, the tightness was by no means the same as before.

Fortunately, even if he was a killer from the outside, he was also a killer in bed, which really suited his taste.

Yuzhen, who was still engrossed in the movements of Emperor Yan just now, suddenly trembled, “Uhg….”

The legs of the kneeling person below him were spread far apart, but he was still deeply hurt by the penetration.

Yuzhen’s body trembled violently.

If Emperor Yan hadn’t witnessed him crying out in pain when he was close to dying that time, he would have thought that he was also enjoying the tightness.

“Don’t be afraid, the pain will be gone soon.” The soft panting in the ear was accompanied by soothing words like soothing a child.

He said the same thing last time, but in fact he was still in pain.

Liu Yuzhen had lingering fears in his heart, but he didn’t want to let go of such vague expectations.

On the side of the cheek was the black hair hanging down from Emperor Yan, it smelled so good, what kind of smell was it

The biting of his shoulders and the caress of his fingers on his chest all made him intoxicated, as if they wanted to take him to bliss.

The waves rushed to his heart time and time again, “Ah, ah… Tenghua… bastard… ugh, uggh…”

“Your body has become stronger, is it to cater to this King”

Liu Yuzhen was sweating profusely, and when he heard him ask this, he couldn’t help turning his head and furiously glared. Who the hell wants to keep fit for this kind of thing.

But this glance only made him drunk to the core.

The strong and sturdy Emperor Yan straightened his back, showing off his body.

In his ambiguous expression, there was an emotion that he couldn’t understand—it was an emotion of fondness. Does Emperor Yan really like him that much

The empty and spacious room was wrapped in a decadent atmosphere, which could make someone feel very embarrassed.

—When the love was so strong, it was so pleasant to feel.

Liu Yuzhen endured the pain, and gradually felt the pleasure from every violent impact.

He was really about to lose it, ah, he was really about to lose it….

“I want to shoot inside.”

When Liu Yuzhen heard the charming voice again, he paused for a moment and immediately said, “No!”

“Why not Yuzhen is not a woman.”

“It’s too embarrassing, pervert, hng…”

Emperor Yan stretched out his hand, and lightly stroked Yuzhen’s face, while panting, he said affectionately, “Then, as long as Yuzhen says no.”

He sounded so regretful.

After wave after wave, Liu Yuzhen was already exhausted, his sexual pleasure was rushed to the peak, and finally the person behind him pulled away, using his clothes to absorb the waves gushing out of his body.

Liu Yuzhen, who was so tired on the pillow, looked at his movements sideways, panting deeply, making no secret of his exhaustion.

He had never shown his weakness in front of outsiders before, but he never seemed to stand up in front of Emperor Yan.

What an entanglement…..

Hey, wait, why does the cloth that Emperor Yan uses to wipe that thing look so familiar

Huh ! Isn’t that his official robe !


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