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Chapter 48 Guarding You

Ah, bastard! Why are you dirtying my clothes Aren’t you going to let me leave after

Liu Yuzhen immediately glared, “That’s my clothes!”

“Yuzhen belongs to this King, therefore his clothes also belong to this King.

How to deal with it is also up to this King.”

Liu Yuzhen pouted unhappily, showing a naive and childish look, “There’s food and wine everywhere, and my body and hair smell like sex.

You really took great pains just to get on with me, huh.”

Emperor Yan threw all the clothes of the two on the ground, and lay down with his arms around Yuzhen, wrapped in a gold silk quilt.

It was the first time that he shared the bed with Liu Yuzhen and not for the purpose of torturing Liu Yuzhen.

The distance between them was so close, and the breath from the other was sprayed on his chest, which felt warm and itchy.

Emperor Yan smiled and stroked his face again.

“But it was those people who prepared it, since Yuzhen already knows the outcome, why is he willing to come to this King’s side”

Yuzhen got a little itchy, his buttocks were hot, and he was feeling exhausted at this moment.

He slapped Emperor Yan’s hand away and said, “Didn’t I say that I came to protect you.

I’m tired.

If nobody comes, I’ll continue to sleep.”

“This King won’t hurt An Xin, are you satisfied” He greedily looked at Liu Yuzhen’s beautiful eyes that blinked again and again, it was very lovely.

It seemed that only in a situation like this would Liu Yuzhen be able to calm down.

It was really interesting to conquer such a stubborn guy.

“Speak and do it.”

“Of course, this King keeps his word.”

Yuzhen put his hands in front of his body, honestly, he felt a little tired and wanted to sleep.

“Quit it.

I suddenly found myself to be quite a meddling person, and also found out that you didn’t mean to hurt him at all.”

How did he know

Emperor Yan moved his body and got closer.

“Yuzhen, your eyes are amazing.”

Oh He praised him Ah, it feels so good to be praised by the Emperor.

Yuzhen quietly opened one eye to look at him.

That one opened eye had smaller and thinner pupil than ordinary people, almost like a cat.

He thought that the body after rebirth could not do it, but he did it after practicing for a while .

Emperor Yan was taken aback, and became more curious about Yuzhen

“I’m not the Liu Yuzhen you know.

Even so, do you still want to hug me” Yuzhen said frankly, with a gloomy tone of pondering.

He wondered if the noble Emperor Yan would let go.

“This King knows.

Then who are you”

“Well…..” Yuzhen thought for a while, what should he say to make him understand What to do, he didn’t want to let Emperor Yan misunderstand.

“The body belongs to Prime Minister Liu, but the person inside does not.”

“Soul shifting.” Emperor Yan was so firm that Yuzhen became a little lost

“How did you know”

“Wan Xunye reminded me, and said that perhaps Gui Xiaoqi was also the same”

“Oh, Master Wan is much smarter than you.”

“What did you say” Emperor Yan looked at him coldly, he wasn’t this bold last time! “This King has known it from the very beginning, but this King just didn’t want to talk about it.”

“Tsk tsk.” The big talker Liu Yuzhen bickered disdainfully, and turned his smile treacherously over Emperor Yan, and regardless of being naked, he pressed himself close to him unceremoniously.

This kind of warm intimacy made him feel comfortable and fulfilled.

“Yes, yes, you know everything.

Now that you know everything, why do you send someone to stuff me with something Are you deliberately seeking jealousy”

Emperor Yan felt his body sinking, and couldn’t help showing a very surprised expression, “I didn’t expect the Prime Minister to be so hungry for this King in his heart, is it because this King underestimated you”

“What nonsense.” Liu Yuzhen quickly returned to his usual vulgarity after he completely sobered up, and his naturally naughty eyes were full of indifferent expressions.

He pinched Emperor Yan’s chin, just like what he did to him before, then said, “You don’t trust me.

Of course, there is nothing I can do to convince you completely.”

Seeing that Emperor Yan was listening carefully, he was stunned for a moment, but still continued, “Your situation is very dangerous.

I still need your help to find out the details of those people.

Since you won’t believe me, it’s better to be honest and listen to your words to eventually win your trust.”

Emperor Yan hesitated for a moment after he listened attentively to Yuzhen’s explanation.

Although he still didn’t know where Yuzhen really came from, hearing his explanation made him feel really, really happy inside.

“…you are really not the one Liu Ling sent”

“Can you please stop mentioning him” Yuzhen seldom falls into a completely passive role.

Since his rebirth, his role had been identified as a traitor.

Although he had many ways to prove himself, Yan Tenghua was an extremely sensitive person.

It doesn’t matter, he just needs to circle around Yan Tenghua, arrest and torture all the criminals who try to get close to him.

There will always be one that he wants.

Heh, he really thought too much.

Emperor Yan couldn’t help reveling in his heart, looking at the handsome man close to his body, he smiled slyly and thought, he couldn’t help hugging him with his big hands, and his thin lips just wanted to eat him up again.

Liu Yuzhen didn’t want to do it.

He absolutely wanted to widen the gap even if it was only one millimeter away.

He immediately pushed Yan Tenghua away, laid back on the bed, and made a deep gap between the two of them with pillows and quilts.

“Go away, pervert, I’m going to sleep.”

“Yuzhen, are you still using such useless things to defend against me”


The obstacles in the middle were thrown to the ground by Emperor Yan, and almost tore off the thin quilt that covered his body.

Yan Tenghua, who sat up and nudged his body, was still so tall and handsome.

At this moment, Liu Yuzhen, who was lying on the bed on his back and fighting with him for the quilt, suddenly had his pupils contracted!


In an instant, Liu Yuzhen grabbed Emperor Yan’s arm and hugged him into his arms, as he gripped a dart with his finger on the back of Emperor Yan’s head!


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