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Chapter 50 I Trust You

The man standing just beside the sunken wall was trembling, his feet became weak with fright, but Emperor Yan would not let him kneel.

As long as he bent his legs, Emperor Yan’s legs, which were as hard as lead, would kick him on the calf.

Is this masked man a martial artist

Liu Yuzhen approached curiously, only to see the throwing knives scattered all over the ground under the man.

It was estimated to be discovered by someone. 

The people sent by Empress Mingge are really weak! 

Liu Yuzhen couldn’t help but sigh.

It’s a pity that this matter has nothing to do with terrorists, as I didn’t even see any tace of bullet.

However, that Mingge was really worrying.

A woman who was married to another country, if couldn’t get the favor of the king, would only turn against the other person.

If she stays in the palace and frantically tries to destroy Great Yan, it will definitely only end in failure.

It was not because of this that he was worried about Mingge, but because Liu Yuzhen felt that she was rather pitiful.

His masculinity and desire to fight back against Emperor Yan drove him to side with Mingge, but he never thought about what it would mean to the involved party.

“Who sent you here” Emperor Yan picked up the knife on the ground and looked at it several times, but he still couldn’t see the origin of this person.

One day he would eventually put all these people to death, as they always get in his way at such a critical time.


The other party merely spitted and must’ve already welcomed death as home.

Liu Yuzhen walked over slowly.

He was already the current prime minister, perhaps everyone did not think that he would stay in Great Yan safely for a long time, therefore they didn’t take him seriously.

But Yan Tenghua thought otherwise.

When he saw Liu Yuzhen walking out so shamelessly naked, his eyes became bigger than those of a bull, “You really have no scruples.

Everyone retreat!”

The guards felt at a loss of this order.

Seeing that the assassin might hurt the dragon’s body at any time, how could they just let go.

Emperor Yan waved his hand to signal them to go down quickly, with impatience written all over his face.

When Liu Yuzhen just came over, and seeing these servants scattered like birds and bees, leaving in a mess, he couldn’t help frowning, “Don’t embarrass yourself.

If you want to blame someone, you can only blame yourself for not defending well or governing the country well.”

“Sooner or later, the world will belong to Great Yan.

If you have this spare time, Liu Yuzhen, you should tell this King the method of that supernatural power as soon as possible.” It was rare for Emperor Yan not to be angry at the collision of those sentences just now.

Did he really think that it was really a strange skill 

Liu Yuzhen was very much fond of disdaining the “innocence” of Emperor Yan, and he fell in a good mood immediately, “if you let him go, I’ll go back and teach you how to do it, and make sure that they won’t dare to come into your chamber casually again.

If you don’t believe me, let’s give it a try.”

“Did Yuzhen do this just to get this King to let him go” Emperor Yan saw through at a glance.

He was really not as simple as Liu Yuzhen imagined.

It was absolutely impossible to deceive him in a common way.

“Even if you catch him and beat him to death, the result will still not change,” Liu Yuzhen lowered his head and kept fastening the curtain around his waist.

He rid his mind with thoughts because he did not want Emperor Yan to mistakenly think that he wanted to let the assassin go because he cared. 

“You just got the throne, there are too few people who are willing to help you, but there are many people who would want to hurt you.

What you should do is to let them trust your ability, not to suppress their resentment.”

His eyes, which were considered to be very powerful, naturally did not miss the loneliness in Emperor Yan’s expression.  The Emperor Yan only had Xiao Zipei by his side.

In addition, there’s only Yan Zhijun, whom he cared very much about.

Now, if unexpectedly he lost both of them.

How could he be at ease

If Liu Yuzhen had some scheming plans to deal with Emperor Yan, then it would be a good decision to poke Emperor Yan’s weakness.

However, he won’t do that.

A kind person who will reach out to him and say that he trusts him, naturally, he will return them.

“Tenghua, I am willing to help you gain the world and make your Great Yan be the most powerful country in the world.

Do you believe me”

Emperor Yan suddenly became stunned.

After a long time, he merely chuckled, left the place where the assassin was and walked towards Yuzhen.


Liu Yuzhen once again got the king’s promise, and he enjoyed this trust so much that his slender and powerful right hand had already stretched out towards Emperor Yan.

“Thank you.”

Emperor Yan had also held out his hand at the same time.

However, Liu Yuzhen, who took advantage of the fact that there was no one around, caught Emperor Yan’s hand and captured him.

He twisted his hands behind his back and pressed him under his body!

Alas, it feels great!

Finally, revenge!

“Prime Minister Liu, is this how you treat this King’s trust” EmperorYan, who was pressed under him, was still arrogant, and the curtain that was wrapped in Yuzhen’s waist was in his hand, swaying in front of him.

 “Do you want to be violated by this King outside”


Liu Yuzhen’s face turned from blue to purple, and he snatched back his curtain and hurriedly wrapped it around his private parts. 

“Hmph! I won’t give up easily.”

The black-clothed assassin hadn’t left yet, must be because he was badly beaten by Emperor Yan just now.

But after seeing the two lovebirds, he simply snorted coldly.

“Heh, Yan Tenghua, this throne is not suitable for you, you just wait for the day your head will be severed from your body!”

What an aggressive man in black.


There was only a sharp sound in the wind.

The man in black’s veil was immediately torn, leaving a deep bloodstain on his face.

The flying knife brushed against his cheek and was deeply embedded into the wall behind him.

The force was strong enough to completely sink the whole flying knife into the vermilion wall, leaving only the handle on the outside.

A few strands of his black hair were ruthlessly cut off, and fell down, scaring the man in black out of his wits.

“We’re chatting, can you please not butt in” Liu Yuzhen reminded him faintly, “I’ll give you five seconds to disappear before my eyes..five, four, three…”

The man in black didn’t know the concept of five seconds, but when he heard Liu Yuzhen counting down, he was really scared.

He was resentful but he had to leave, he should be thankful that he was given a chance to escape.

Whoever that person was, and where did he come from, he didn’t care.

Emperor Yan chuckled from the side.

Liu Yuzhen was so interesting.

If there was such a thing as soul-shifting in the world, then he really got himself a treasure.


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