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The Queen Mother had most likely been targeted by the mighty figure and had some kind of restriction placed on it.

Such a restriction could not be exposed.

Once exposed, it would trigger the activation of the restriction and the mastermind behind the scenes would know.

The destruction of the human race on Earth Star most likely referred to this individual descending on Earth Star to kill the Queen Mother and the humans on Earth Star all at the same time.

Or, in an even more powerful manner, directly launch an attack from space and destroy the entire Earth Star!

Seeing two members of the Battle race self-destruct due to the restriction with his own eyes, Su Jingxings Primordial Spirit quickly thought of the reason why the Queen Mother was wary.

Even if it wasnt 100% right, it was at least 90%.

This was also the reason why the Primordial Spirit chose to retreat.

It had thought that there were no longer any threats left on Earth Star, but it turned out in the end that the Queen Mother was a ticking time bomb.

It did not know when the mighty figure behind the scenes in the Void World would descend.

Compared to before, although danger had always existed, humans still had the strength to resist.

But now, although danger had not erupted on Earth Star, no matter which one it was, they would result in the human race being wiped out and the planet being destroyed.

This was a difficult time.

Shaking its head, it suppressed its pounding heart.

Su Jingxings Primordial Spirit returned to White Emperor City.

“Um, Martial Sage Kong, youve already dealt with the Queen Mother” Zeng Busan asked in surprise when he saw Su Jingxings Primordial Spirit return.

The barrier of the Insect Emperor Island had been broken, and Su Jingxings Primordial Spirit suddenly returned.

What was going on

Zeng Busi, Luo Tianba, and Xiahou Chuanwu were also puzzled.

Shouldnt he take this opportunity to charge into the Insect Emperor Island and destroy the Extraterrestrial Devil Insects

“The Queen Mother cannot die yet.”

Su Jingxings Primordial Spirit said calmly, “I dont know the exact reason either, but Im certain that the Queen Mother cant die yet.

Once it does, a catastrophe will descend on Earth Star!”


Luo Tianba, Xiahou Chuanwu, Zeng Busan, and Zeng Busi looked at one another.

The Queen Mother cannot die

Su Jingxings Primordial Spirit would personally vouch for that

Did the turn of events have to be so sudden

“Um…” After pondering for a while, Zeng Busan couldnt help but ask,” Um, its not that I suspect you, Martial Sage Kong, but the Queen Mother, it cant be plotting something, right ”

“There might be a conspiracy, but it cant die for now.

Im sure of it.”

Su Jingxings Primordial Spirit said calmly, “Of course, you dont have to trust me completely.

You can try to kill it.

You will know when the time comes whether youll succeed or not.”

Kill the Devil Insect Queen Mother

They wanted to, but they didnt have the ability.

Su Jingxings Primordial Spirit had broken the protective barrier of Insect Emperor Island, they wouldnt be able to do that.

Thats right.

Now that Su Jingxings Primordial Spirit had left, the barrier around the Insect Emperor Island had been restored.

When Su Jingxings Primordial Spirit left, it retracted its divine power.

Now, outsiders were barred from the Insect Emperor Island again.

No matter how unwilling Zeng Busan and Zeng Busi were, they could only accept it.

The same went for Luo Tianba and Xiahou Chuanwu.

Without Su Jingxings Primordial Spirit participating, none of them could kill the Devil Insect Queen Mother.

Even if all of them attacked together, they would not be able to.

The limitations of strength could not be made up for with numbers.

Whether Zeng Busan, Zeng Busi, Luo Tianba, Xiahou Chuanwu were willing to believe and listen to his suggestion, Su Jingxings Primordial Spirit did not take it to heart.

Although the matter had not been completely resolved, with the power to break through the defense, the Queen Insect would not let the Extraterrestrial Devil Insects enter the territories of the human countries again.

Compared to the devil insects under its charge, the Queen Mother was very intelligent.

Su Jingxings Primordial Spirit believed in its choice.

Therefore, Su Jingxings Primordial Spirit did not stay in White Emperor City for long.

It quickly bade farewell and returned to the Yu Nation.

There were currently a thousand people helping him refine his soul back in Yu Nation.

Su Jingxings Primordial Spirit was already perfected, and he had gotten a Soul Platform template long ago.

Next was to build his own Soul Platform.

This was a painstaking process that could not be rushed.

At the same time.

Kuntian World.

On the upside-down mountain peak.

Tok, tok!

In the room, Su Jingxings main body was immersed in cultivation.

When he heard the knock on the door, he stopped and asked, “Who is it”

“Its me, Brother Kong.”

Pan Funans voice sounded.

“Brother Kong, Im looking for you.

Do you have time”

Looking for me

Su Jingxing raised his eyebrows and stopped his cultivation.

He took a few steps forward and opened the door.

He looked at Pan Funan who was outside and asked curiously, “Brother Pan, whats the matter”

“Theres something I need your help with, Brother Kong.”

Pan Funan said seriously, “The alliance has received news that the Demon Emperor has sent a message across the borders, preparing to launch an all-out attack on this place next month.

At that time, the Battle race, the demons, and the giant insects will gather.

Countless armies will come in full force.”

“In order to prevent this base from being destroyed, the alliance is preparing to take action in advance and destroy an important member of the demon and Battle race team, the Thunder Cloud Thread Insect.

“This Thunder Cloud Thread Insect is a special existence among the giant insects.

It can attract Void Divine Thunder and interfere with our Primordial Spirits.

It is very destructive on the battlefield.

“Im here because I know that youre a spiritual martial artist like me, and spiritual martial artists are the best at restraining the Thunder Cloud Thread Insect.

The favor we want to ask you is to form a team with me and a few other companions to go to the place where the Thunder Cloud Thread Insect lives and kill them all.

At least half of them must be killed.

“The environment where the Thunder Cloud Thread Insect lives is not one that the Battle race, the devils, and the demons like to stay in.

Therefore, there arent many people guarding it.

The Battle race is basically in charge of it, and the leader is a Battle King.

“Our team will also be led by a Grotto-Heaven realm martial artist.

If Brother Kong agrees, you can team up with me to specially deal with the Thunder Cloud Thread Insect.

You dont have to worry about anything else.”


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