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“Smart man,” Wang Yang praised with a smile.

Then he asked, “By the way, add me on WeChat.

Lets contact each other when youre free.”

Wan Gu nodded and added Wang Yang on WeChat before entering his bridal chamber.

After closing the door, he took out the incense powder he had collected.

A plate for burning incense had been placed in the bridal chamber beforehand.

The villa had obviously been prepared.

He lit the sandalwood incense, then took out his notebook and began to write.

He hadnt finished the chapter for the day.

But before he could write a few hundred words, he felt an incredible wave of sleepiness wash over him.

He actually yawned, which surprised him.

It had been a long time since he felt so sleepy at night.

It was as if he could fall asleep at any time.

This sandalwood actually worked.

And it was even more effective than those over-the-counter sleeping pills.

Wan Gu missed this sleepiness very much.

He decisively closed his notebook.

He could only let his readers down today.

In the bridal room opposite, Su Juan also came out of the shower.

She put on a sexy nightgown that she had specially prepared.

She was sure that Brother Yang would pounce on her when he saw this nightgown.

However, when she came out this time, she realized that Wang Yang was already lying down and yawning.

It was as if the sexy nightgown she had specially prepared was not attractive at all.

On a nearby cabinet, wisps of white smoke rose from burning sandalwood incense.

“Brother Yang!” Su Juan pushed Wang Yang coquettishly.

He yawned and said, “Baby, the incense is really effective.

Im very sleepy now and cant muster up the energy to f*ck you.

Why dont we sleep first”

Su Juan could only pout and lie in Wang Zhangs arms.

She was a little disappointed that her careful preparations did not work.

However, she also felt a little sleepy and yawned.

She was also surprised.

In the past, she had been in high spirits at this hour.

It was impossible to sleep with a fixed biological clock.

This sandalwood incense seemed to really help her sleep.

It was so effective.

That night, the two of them went to bed early, and slept easily.

At night.

When Qin Lin, Zhao Moqing, and his mother left the villa, Zhao Moqing was driving.

Qin Lin was pulled by Li Qing to drink some wine.

As soon as he got in the car, he took out his phone and scrolled through the video of the villa.

Seeing that nothing else had happened, he leaned back in the car and looked at the screen in his mind.

Once again, he controlled the game character to go to Mount Notre Dame.

He had been too busy today to go into the mountains to take a look.

The mountain goods had not been cleared, but all the trees had been refreshed.

However, they did not refresh any valuable variety trees.

They were all ordinary trees.

The wood materials were not of much value in reality.

These trees had to be cut down.

Otherwise, they would occupy the respawning spot.

After cutting down the trees, Qin Lin controlled some characters to go back to the ranch and sell all the wood materials on them in the game.

Then, he controlled the game characters to enter the games house.

But as soon as he entered the house, the NPC, Zach, reappeared:

[Your ranch has been doing well lately.

The shipments are starting to increase, stimulating the towns economy.

Now that the town has established a network, do you want to buy a network receiver With a network receiver, you can do TV shopping!]

Qin Lin was really surprised.

Surprises sometimes come so suddenly.

He did not expect this to trigger the plot.

In Ranches Story, items could be obtained from mining.

NPCs could obtain things.

They could also obtain things from various competitions, watch television, and shop.

It was just that each version of the TV shopping time was specific and different.

The shopping time for each version was also different.

For example, the original Ore Town version was Saturday.

In the new version, he had already controlled the game character to try it many times in front of the television.

Unfortunately, every time, it was in the shape of snowflakes.

It did not look like it could be used for television shopping at all.

Hed thought the new edition didnt have this feature.

Now he knew why.

It was because there was no Internet.

This new version actually needed to buy a network receiver to be able to make television purchases

In reality, without the Internet, one could not go online.

Wasnt it bad enough for ordinary people to be bullied by those operators They actually had to have such restrictions in the game.

This stupid planner.

Qin Lin controlled the character selection.

In the end, Zach took away his handful of game gold coins and left happily, with a message from the game itself:

[Congratulations on obtaining a network receiver.

The network has been opened!]

Qin Lin immediately controlled his game character to head to the television.

This time, the television no longer lit up with snowflakes but an image.

On the television was a pair of exquisite long legs with a pair of black lace stockings.

[Today is a stocking shopping special.

Now were selling the sexy style that female celebrity Dilraba likes.

This stocking is very tear-resistant and seductive.

It can hook…]

When Qin Lin saw the notification, he immediately controlled some characters to buy it.

Those stockings were indeed sexy.

Even the cartoon patterns were seductive.

Naturally, stockings were not important.

He just wanted to know if the things bought online on television could also bring out reality.

[Congratulations on buying a pair of sexy stockings online.

Please wait patiently for the delivery!]

This was like the old version.

The purchases didnt arrive immediately.

He had to wait for delivery.

Qin Lin controlled the game character to continue clicking on the television.

The image popped up again.

It was still the stocking special.

It was the same stocking as before and there were no changes.

He tried several more times, with the same result.

It seemed that there were not many improvements in the new game.

It only refreshed the available items once.

He wondered when the stockings would arrive.

Game time was not proportional to reality.

When he arrived home, with the time ratio in the game, the delivery should have arrived, right

As expected, when Qin Lin brought Zhao Moqing and his mother home, there was movement in the game.

[Congratulations on receiving an online-TV stocking delivery!]

Qin Lin subconsciously looked at Zhao Moqings legs and immediately went to the toilet.

He locked the door and eagerly entered the game.

Naturally, he just wanted to experiment with whether television shopping could bring out reality.


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