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The key was that Director Li dared to sign it directly.

One had to know that they had to take responsibility for this matter, but it also meant that the other party was as confident in Qinglin Villa as they were.

They were sure that there was no problem with Qinglin Villa.

“Um, Li Ke, Im sorry.

Ill see whats going on here.” Sun Xian hung up and immediately got Chen Li to log into the backstage of the Tourism Bureau to check the progress of the application.

However, when he saw the progress of the application process, it indeed showed that the City Tourism Bureau had approved it.

Chen Li and Sun Xian were stunned.

What was going on

Did someone from the city really greet him

Chen Li frowned and said, “Sun Xian, dont tell me the city is also coming to poach Boss Qin”

“Thats impossible, right” Sun Xian was anxious.

He frowned and said, “What kind of companies dont they have in a big city They shouldnt do such a bullying thing.

If they dare to do this, Ill go to the city to protest.”

While Chen Li and Zhao Moqing were in a daze, Qin Lin and Zhao Moqing also arrived at the villas ancient ginkgo courtyard.

The ornamental courtyard of the two 500-year-old ginkgo trees had been built.

The workers around them had evacuated.

The entire courtyards architectural model was retro and not small.

There were even stone tables and stone chairs around the courtyard.

This was naturally prepared for the tourists who came to listen to the sound of the trees.

The two of them strolled around the ancient ginkgo courtyard.

Now, all they had to do was clean it up and it would be open for business.

“I didnt expect Master Lin and these two ancient ginkgo trees to have such a story.” Zhao Moqing looked at the two stone tablets and the story of Master Lin saving the tree and how the family was saved by the tree cry of this ginkgo tree decades ago.

This story added a lot of magic to the two ginkgo trees.

Naturally, if it was just a written description, this magical color would not attract much attention.

But what if the Tree of Sound in this story really existed

Then everything would be different.

The story would be more than mythical.

It would be a real historical story.

A gust of wind blew, and Zhao Moqing immediately sat down on the stone chair beside him.

In an instant, the sound of trees appeared on the two ginkgo trees, and a pleasant voice sounded.

Qin Lin also sat on the chair to accompany Zhao Moqing.

With the attributes of the Tree of Sound 2, peace of mind 2, relaxation of the body and mind 2, and relief of pressure 2, it was really enjoyable to listen quietly like this and relax his entire body.

Zhao Moqing asked, “Hubby, how do you think this ancient ginkgo garden will be opened There are so many tourists in the villa now.

Im afraid everyone will crowd over if they find out about the magicalness of the ancient ginkgo tree.”

“In that case, Im afraid there wont be enough room for so many tourists.

It will also cause damage to this place.

Therefore, we still have to limit the flow.”

Qin Lin listened to the trees and was open-minded.

He said, “Actually, theres no need for us to open all the projects as regular paid projects now.

This ancient ginkgo house can be treated as an unconventional project.”

“We can do this.

The VIP and bridal chamber will be accompanied by an ornamental ticket to the ancient ginkgo courtyard.

Ordinary tourists can also draw a lottery.

More than 100 tourists will be given viewing tickets every day.”

“This way, the ancient ginkgo court can be controlled to allow about 300 tourists in every day.

This is not a place you can enter just because you want to.

When everyone finds this ginkgo magical, the style will be maxed out.”

“Okay, Ill listen to you!” Zhao Moqing nodded.

With the development of the villa, it did not matter if the ancient ginkgo house charged or not.

It was better to use it to increase the style of the villa.

A moment later, Qin Lin and Zhao Moqing also left the ancient ginkgo courtyard.

When they passed the backyard, the two of them saw Li Kai squatting on his new piece of land and watering it seriously.

Qin Lin knew that Li Kai had planted an herb seed called Donasi Grass Root in this field.

This herb could be used as a substitute for the raw material for the **A potion.

It was just very difficult to cultivate and very rare.

The requirements for the survival environment were harsh, just like the Xiangshui Tribute Rice.

“Brother Li, how is it” Qin Lin walked over and squatted beside Li Kai.

Li Kai frowned.

“I dont know for now.

This Donasi Grass Root will germinate initially in three to seven days.

I dont see any signs of seeds germinating.

Its not good.”

“Yes!” Qin Lin nodded.

Seeing Li Kai frown, he quietly dug out a seed of Donasi Grass Root.

He wanted to bring it into the game to see its attributes.

After returning to the office, Qin Lin and Zhao Moqing returned to their own office.

As soon as he entered the office and locked the door, he entered the game.

When he saw the note on the Donasi Grass Root, he was stunned.

[Donasi Plant Root: Quality 1]

[This is a seed that can be planted to produce the Donasi Plant Root.

The Donasi Plant Root contains a material factor that can repair, treat, and strengthen neuronal diseases.

It can be used to make therapeutic drugs for rare neuronal diseases.]

[Planting Requirement: Level 1 medicinal garden!]

“Medicinal garden” Qin Lin recalled the information he had seen on the forum.

The medicinal garden was also a special plantation like the paddy field in the new version.

It would only open as its level increased.

It could plant medicinal herbs.

According to the forum strategy, he seemed to be able to develop a medicinal garden when he leveled up next time.

Now, the Donasi Grass Root seeds that Li Kai had planted could actually be planted in a Level 1 medicinal garden

When the medicinal garden opened, what if he planted the seeds in the Level 1 medicinal garden and calculated the time until they were about to germinate before secretly transplanting them into Li Kais field

With special soil, this seed had already germinated.

With the attribute of survival 2, it would not be a problem to survive.

After growing for a long time, it also had the attribute of improving the genetic probability by 1.

It might really be able to be cultivated.

When the time came, he could completely push the blame to Li Kai.

However, he had to see how Li Kais cultivation was going first.

Moreover, he had to wait for him to level up again.

Zhao Moqing and Qin Lin discussed the opening method of the Ancient Ginkgo Academy.

When they returned to the office, they found Lin Lanzi and told her about the Ancient Ginkgo Academy, asking her to film the promotional video.

After Lin Lanzi heard the instructions, she immediately went to the ancient ginkgo courtyard to investigate the situation.

It was also her first time here.

She walked to the two ancient ginkgo trees and saw the two stone tablets about Master Lins story.

When she saw the story of the Tree of Sound, she sat at the stone table and waited expectantly.

The lady boss told her about the Tree of Sound.

She was curious if it was as magical as the lady boss said.

A moment later, the wind blew, and as expected, a tree cried.

The long and pleasant voice immediately calmed her down.

The feeling of being empty and relaxed was indescribable.

“Its actually so magical.” As Lin Lanzi listened, she suddenly took out her phone and turned on the recording.

She suddenly had an idea.

She stood on the stone table and raised her phone to better record the music.

She wanted to try and see what effect this Tree of Sound had.

The wind stopped.

The trees stopped singing.

She waited.

When the wind picked up and the trees sang again, she raised the phone again.

This repeated a dozen times before she stopped and played the recording.

The tree immediately rang on the phone.

At that moment, Lin Lanzis eyes lit up.

That feeling appeared again.

Although the feeling was not as strong as listening to the Tree of Sound live and the effect was very bad, the recorded sound of the tree had some effect.

Moreover, this effect was definitely better than any light music that relieved emotions and stress.

This could be played throughout the villa to give all the tourists a better experience.

It was just that there was too much noise from recording with a phone.

Would the effect be better if he used a professional recording device

However, the villa did not have such equipment now.

Lin Lanzi brought her phone directly to Zhao Moqings office.

“President Zhao, our multimedia department wants to buy professional outdoor recording equipment.”

Zhao Moqing asked in confusion, “Sister Lanzi, why did you suddenly think of buying this”

Lin Lanzi directly played the Tree of Sound recorded on her phone to Zhao Moqing.

As the tree chirped on the phone, Zhao Moqings eyes revealed surprise.

Then, she said decisively, “Ill buy it.

Buy a better outdoor recording device.”

Why hadnt she thought of this before

Now that she heard it, she could imagine how classy it would be if it was played in some places in the villa!

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