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Primogenial or Beta Strata mattered not as they all fell against a single destructive attack!

Any existence designated as Noah\'s enemy who happened to gaze upon the star was eradicated as the quaking of essence and number of burning life forces of existences in the Kun Peng\'s Cataclysm Nest dwindled down by a large percentage incredibly quickly.

The three massive Beta Strata Abyssal Gigantomachia Undead that were floating like mountains had their bones flicker and become ground into dust.

Hundreds of thousands of Kun Pengs, Mushroom Emperors, Chaos Hounds, Moon Luminoids, Oblivion Ursidae, Virulent Drakes, and Celestial Sharks fell into Oblivion!


Immense radiance echoed all around as behind Noah, his backbone of a throne lit up gloriously as its construct gradually became clear.

The field of battle turned utterly silent as the vast majority of existences within it perished, the Essence of the Quintessential Kainos Emperor running rampant all around!

Noah had achieved a shocking feat as the toughest part of this all to him…was arranging the formation of loot coming to him as the sheer number of TABOO Edicts was incredibly large in volume that he directed it towards the Soul Librarh first without testing his limits just yet during this crucial battle.

Which among the millions perishing would be turned into mountains of False Grotto Nacres, Liquified Soul Seas, and Physique Refining Pearls

Which would become Randomized Loot Crates

All of this was crucial, but the most crucial out of everything was the visage of the Dimensional Deceiver.

The being who became even stronger as time passed, with Noah needing to wipe her out as soon as possible!

When his Tri-Pupiled eyes gazed at her, yet another feature had granted him wondrous information.

(Genevieve/Lillith):: Through the authority of the Tri-Pupiled Kainos Emperor that can be utilized once a week, the following concepts are possible for deconstruction- (DHARMA), (DHARMA), (DHARMA), Gravitation(Natural Law of Reality), Niflheim(Decretum), Polarity(Natural Law of Reality), Fantasia(Decretum)...Condition for Deconstruction- Genuine shock and interest from Lillith and the reduction of her True Vitality Values below 30%.

A bundle of fantastical loot.

That was what this terrifying portion of the soul of this Dimensional Hellion Ruler was!

But Noah could not attain anything from her with his Tri-Pupiled eyes unless he fulfilled the conditions listed above.

So he moved to complete the conditions.

With the somewhat foreign Decretum of Dreams bubbling up within him, his will surged out with blinding light as another feature of his Tri-Pupiled eyes activated, everything in the nearby surroundings becoming destabilized as even the influence of the Natural Law of Gravitation lessened!


The illusion of his Infinite Reality Passages that had grown to 100 above him pulsed with grandeur and force as they rained down the Emperor\'s Might, Noah\'s will surging out with Haki as from the deaths of millions..there were still chains of Sever remaining in the battlefield.

At this moment, Noah\'s surging will directed them all towards a single being in an effort to cut short a battle that had only just begun!

Chosen Emperors.

Genevieve truly believed it was possible to withstand their destiny as in the past, one being had done it.

He had risen to eradicate Chosen Emperors with profound destinies like nothing as her targeting a single one...it wouldn\'t bring about such drastic results, right

Yet here she was, anchored under the will of a Dimensional existence she did not understand too well.


She had heard very little in the past when those who came back from exploring Dimensions spoke of the terrors to avoid in some!

Such a will imposed on her as knowing of its shocking power, Genevieve believed that at least now, the struggle between her and Alexander King that would end with either of their deaths would quickly find a positive conclusion.

\'So why...\'

Why did he suddenly jump from displaying Beta Strata power to Alpha Strata

He first showed Primogenial Strata level of power as when Beta Strata LEGENDS came, he showed power at that level too!

Now that an existence that had reached Alpha Strata levels of power, how the hell did he suddenly jump to show this too!

If an Ultima Strata LEGEND came, would this being suddenly display this power as well!

Was this what a true Chosen Emperor was surrounded with! An insane destiny that in order to prevent their deaths, unbelievable things would occur one after another

These were the only thoughts in Genevieve\'s mind as she watched a shocking number of disastrous rays of light that could eradicate her aspects of Existence many times over rush towards her.

Damage Values that would even eradicate Alpha Strata LEGENDS as they only came to be due to the large number of enemies on the battlefield!

Would the Dimensional existence that had taken root in her Aspects of Existence be able to survive such an-


Her remaining will that was watching everything was shocked to find the oppressive soul of the existence she had struck a deal with pressing down on her on all sides, the sultry and powerful voice of this existence resounding out!



Like something insignificant, Genevieve\'s will was shut down as she couldn\'t even feel what was happening outside anymore!

The dazzling will of the Dimensional Deceiver turned vibrant soon after as her gaze was clear, her hands coming together in front of her bountiful chest as in the face of shocking damage rushing towards her, the authority of a Decretum of a Dimension and a Natural Law of Reality surged around her with maddening ferocity.

Her beastial eyes were clear as she gazed at the being holding two vibrant weapons and adorned in sleek obsidian pants and a loose white shirt, his image imprinted in her eyes that could see a great deal of things!


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