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Chapter 1664 - Nice Blade

With the Spirit Reverend of Ocean Returnance’s assistance, Chao Tianjiao actually still had enough strength to twist her blade in the final moments after breaking out of the illusion, slashing towards Li Qingshan’s head.

She refused to relent until she had split him in half.

However, opportunities only lasted for an instant in clashes between the powerful.

Why would Li Qingshan give her another opportunity He reached out and caught Li Liehuo’s spear without even looking back.

With a hiss, demon qi evaporated.

It was as if he had caught a red-hot brand, immediately burning away his skin and flesh.

All that remained was a pitch-black hand of bone condensed from demon qi.

However, Li Qingshan did not care at all, grinning as he thrusted the spear of fire in his hand towards Chao Tianjiao’s throat.

Even Li Liehuo was unable to control it.

Faced with death, Chao Tianjiao’s expression became even chillier, actually showing no intentions of blocking or dodging.


Fire erupted and a mushroom cloud rose up over the turtle island.

Two figures flew out, which were Chao Tianjiao and Li Liehuo.

Right when they were about to be launched off the island, Li Liehuo stabilised himself mid-air.

His facial features were simple and he burned with fire, like a primitive god of the flames.

He glanced at the spear in his hand and saw a pitch-black handprint on it.

His lifebound arcane treasure had already been damaged.

Then he turned towards Chao Tianjiao and said with a frown, “Are you trying to perish together with him That’s just a clone!”

If he had not unleashed the power of fire within the spear in the final moments and sent Chao Tianjiao flying, the spear might have killed her.

Chao Tianjiao’s silver armour had shattered, and there was a charred part on her throat.

She said hoarsely, “He definitely didn’t come for revenge or to vent his anger.

He must be up to something big! I don’t want to die…” She smiled wryly.

“But he’s Li Qingshan!”

She had just paid a visit to the boundary between life and death, almost killed by her former lover, yet she actually felt no fear or resentment.

This woman!

Li Liehuo was slightly moved as well.

He understood what she was saying.

In the past, when Li Qingshan’s cultivation was beneath theirs, they had already found him to be extremely troublesome.

Now that he had become a god, he was basically the most terrifying enemy within their imaginations.

If they had a choice, they would rather face the twelve Demon Gods.

Even if it was only one of his clones here, they could not afford to underestimate him, not to mention the fact that the clone had just flattened the Myriad sect while facing off against the Spirit Reverend of Ocean Returnance’s Myriad formation.

If they were not prepared to die today, not only were they incapable of winning, they probably would not be leaving here alive either.

An opportunity like earlier definitely would not appear again.

Li Liehuo said with difficulty, “First senior sister, I’ve made a mistake this time.”

“Forget about it.

First senior brother, I only understand this kid better than you.” Chao Tianjiao stared at Li Qingshan in the pit and waved her hand in an unconcerned manner.

“Qingshan, thank you for not showing any mercy.

Our past relationship was not in vain!”

“No need to thank me.

I’ve never viewed you as a regular woman.”

Li Qingshan nodded in acknowledgement.

His situation seemed even worse than the two of them.

His entire right arm had been blasted apart and a straight gash extended from the top of his head to his forehead.

However, he only stretched his arms and his arm regrew.

With a deep breath, the gash on his head slowly vanished too.

“If you have any other moves, go ahead and use them all! Spirit Reverend of Ocean Returnance, I know you can’t accept this and I’m at fault too for breaking my word, so attack away.

However, if you interrupt the transfer of the Myriad Heavenly Tome, you better not blame me if I show no mercy!”

The Spirit Reverend of Ocean Returnance shrank up within his huge turtle shell and grunted unhappily, but sure enough, he continued to transfer the Myriad Heavenly Tome.

He was very aware that a Demon God’s clone was more than enough to crush cultivators of the same cultivation.

The reason why Chao Tianjiao and Li Liehuo were able to threaten Li Qingshan—apart from the fact that their battle prowess surpassed regular Human Immortals—was because he had devoted most of his concentration to accepting the Myriad Heavenly Tome.

His legs could not leave the Spirit Reverend of Ocean Returnance’s back either.

If the Spirit Reverend of Ocean Returnance really destroyed everything for Li Qingshan, then he would not have any qualms anymore.

Killing him in a fit of rage even while under Chao Tianjiao and Li Liehuo’s attacks probably would not be an issue.

He did not want to take a risk like that.

And the thing he had been the proudest about in his life was not actually the Myriad Heavenly Tome that cultivators were intrigued in, but the countless books and scrolls he had collected in the Pavilion of Heavenly Tomes.

Now that the Pavilion of Heavenly Tomes was destroyed, why would the Myriad Heavenly Tome still mean anything to him

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“The Myriad Heavenly Tome!”

Chao Tianjiao and Li Liehuo exchanged glances.

Sure enough, Li Qingshan had come with other motives, but even Chao Tianjiao was unable to understand what significance the Myriad Heavenly Tome bore to a god.

Below the boundless heavens, above the tremendous ocean, the renowned Myriad city had already been reduced to ruins, and the collapsed Pavilion of Heavenly Tomes continued to burn.

Millions of pages fluttered through the air.

The wind and smoke surged as the demon qi raged.

The white sun shimmered between the moving smoke and clouds.

Li Qingshan gazed up, except he was able to see the gilded edge of the black sun from the Demon domain grow a little wider.

He stood in the ruins and had committed massacres wildly, creating such great havoc.

Currently, he was under attack, yet he felt extremely calm and peaceful inside.

Even the vicious sneer on his face and the killing intent in his eyes seemed a little empty.

He had achieved what he wanted.

He was only winding up everything now.

With Sukhāvatī’s collapse, there would not be any natural demonfolk.

By the time the Myriad Heavenly Tome became widespread, they would no longer be influenced by the circumstances they were born into either.

Even though all that the living creatures of the Demon domain gained was the heart of a human.

Who would have thought that just trying to be human would end up with such opposition from the gods and buddhas

He had never believed he was particularly kind or benevolent.

The so-called “hero king” was just about lending a helping hand when he saw injustice.

However, he never imagined the standards of the world were so harsh.

Compared to all of this, what was there to fear about two Human Immortals So what if he lost the battle right before his eyes

Chao Tianjiao and Li Liehuo descended from above once again, immediately rushing through the smoke and clouds, approaching Li Qingshan.

The silver light around Chao Tianjiao flared to the extreme.

Even her hair turned silver.

Her blade pressed closely to the side of her as she suddenly swung out.

Of course, it’s impossible for me to lose.

Li Qingshan was about to raise his hand and block this attack when a smear of deep-blue suddenly appeared in the depths of his eyes.

The Spirit Reverend of Ocean Returnance suddenly transferred a tremendous amount of information into his mind, immediately interrupting all of his thoughts.

The Spirit Reverend of Ocean Returnance did not dare to stop the transfer of the Myriad Heavenly Tome, but he could increase the transfer speed by several dozen fold.

With a flash, Chao Tianjiao shot past Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan’s lips moved as if he was trying to say something when his head suddenly flew into the air.

Thick, sticky demon qi that resembled ink sprayed from his neck like blood.

At the same time, the scarlet-red tip of a spear emerged from his chest.

Li Liehuo had appeared before Li Qingshan before he knew it.

Before his spear could penetrate him completely, he bellowed out and the terrifying power in the spear erupted.

Boom! It was as if a volcano had erupted in Li Qingshan’s body.

Li Qingshan’s head praised Chao Tianjiao mid-air.

“Nice blade!”


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