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In this way, Eustia was a person with a more delicate atmosphere than Sharkis, who looked strong.

Should I said that it is an absolute beauty that seems to come out of a myth, where the expression “beautiful” is more appropriate than handsome.

He looked big when he got up. To the point where a black shadow falls on my toes.

'It's much bigger than the Imperial nobles.'

Contrary to the image of being an alchemist and only looking at books, Eustia was a great person who lightly lifted the Bastard Sword*, which is difficult for men to lift.

He had a solid skeleton and overwhelming mana, which made him seem more intimidating.

"Where are you going"

"To study."

Oh, look.

It works well, doesn't it

I looked up at Eustia, who was visibly pleased and said he was working for me.

No wonder he looked tired, so I felt a little sorry for him.

About breakfast, I grabbed Eustia's sleeve.

There's nothing I can do for you, so I should feed you well.

"Duke Eustia, let's have bweakfast."

I grabbed the edge of Eustia's sleeve and said.

There was no sign of discomfort even though I block his way.

His eyes just narrowed looking down at me.


Is it also bothersome

When there was no answer, I thought it was useless interference, and my face turned red like a ripe red beet.

I opened my mouth feeling a little upset.

"I'll just go eat with oppa."

Hearing those words, Eustia's eyebrows rose. I didn't know why, so I hummed and looked away.

Eustia looked at me and slowly opened his lips.

“I will tell the butler to prepare it.”

It simply meant having breakfast, but I guess it sounded like enjoying the dinner.

Anyway, we're going to have breakfast, so I'll have to get out of the way for Eustia to spend some time alone until the food is ready.

It was when I was about to say greeting by holding my skirt and bending my knees slightly.

"You should go too, Ciel."

Eustia, with my arms outstretched, lifted me lightly.

"What about oppa"

"Well, he'll take care of himself."

Like this, the plan to feed Eustia's and get some sunlight was successful.



"Your Highness, you must avoid it."

Ferze walked ahead instead of hearing the knight's dissuasion.

If he avoids his place here, he will lose the first boundary line to the monsters.

Here, the border area of ​​Djibril is the epicenter of the birth of monsters.

Among them, the Grand Duke himself was leading the most dangerous western border.

It was unusual for the imperial family to come personally, as it is a dangerous place with the highest number of casualties.

He didn't know if it's a war with another empire.

Even the proud knights consider it to be dog death** to die against the monsters.

Only the knights belonging to the White Night Knights who followed the Grand Duke had the pride of defending the empire from the monsters.

But pride alone has its limits.

The knights, who once bravely jumped into the front line, sat on the ground and bowed their heads as if they were exhausted.

They continued to win, but even if they washed their eyes and looked for it, they couldn't see the joy of victory.

The knights with swords on the floor breathed heavily.

Sweat mixed with blood ran down his face like rain.

Ferze, who was looking at the knights under his command who were tired of the hard battle, drew his sword and stepped forward.

"Your Highness, you can rest."

The northern fortress, where there were not many monsters, was taken over by the Visenna family, so it should have been dealt with by now.

"For now, I think we'd better step down today."

The Grand Duke cut down the monster without even paying attention to the persuasion of the knight.

Why are you so stubborn

The knights did not understand at all.

There are also many knights of the White Night who are famous for their toughness.

And why can't you think of taking the sword when you've already built the line of defense.

And since the defense line has already been built, why can't you think about stopping for a moment

"Y..Your Highness."

"Stop whining and rest if you're tired."

Ferze did not seem to have any intention of backing down in the first place.

The knight said, 'As expected, the lord is a monster.' It was when he were looking at him with a stunned face.

At this, the knights of the White Night got up from their seat and swung their swords again.

"Those who are about to die may rest."

He said this because he knew it was hard to keep up with his physical strength, as a Dragon knight.

It was a sincere statement, but no great person was here to truly rest after hearing those words.

The Grand Duke Black Bahait.

A sword made from dragon bones was stronger than any other metal.

The sword of the Grand Duke shoved into the scorpion monster's shell pierced the heart and protruded.

Motus, who stood behind Ferze, looked up at the Duke with awe.

Motus is also a member of the Knights of the White Night.

Since his hair loss is progressing quickly, the nickname "Moonlight Motus" was officially known by the White Night Knights except himself.

Before he knew it, moonlight Motus standing next to Ferze shouted.

"Your Highness! You're perfect today, too! It's like a military god whom Freya fell in love with at first sight...!"

"Tsk, it's noisy.

If you have time to open your mouth, swing your sword first, bald."

'Ugh! No one ever called me bald, but my lord....'

Motus rubbed the corners of his tear-filled eyes with the back of his hand.

Five years have passed since he joined the Knights of the White Night, but he has never been called by the Grand Duke by name.

'It's an opportunity to make my name known!'

"That Motus is...."

"Bald, deal with the monster on the right."

'You're so mean.'

'I wanted to talk to his Highness, so I beat my colleagues and managed to secure a seat next to him! '

Embarrassed by the Grand Duke's attitude that was colder than ice frost, Motus scratched his head.

Without knowing that the few strands of hair that are left are pulled out and blown away like dandelion seeds.

By the way, it's good to kill the monsters, but why are you in such a hurry

If we didn't, we'll be able to build a defensive line further inside.

Motus, who was curious about the reason, asked while sweating.

"Well, Is there something urgent"

"I've decided to receive a letter."

What the heck that meant, Motus couldn't figure out.

Why the word letter suddenly came out, and why we couldn't give up the first boundary line.

And what's the connection between the two.

A month had passed since a defensive line of the Western Front had been established.

A war raged on the Western Front, which had only recently regained stability.

Motus gasped for breath and searched for the Grand Duke who had disappeared from sight.

"Huhh, ukh.

Your Highness!"

A human figure was reflected in the eyes of the knight who had been looking for the Grand Duke for a long time.

He raised his head and looked up at the man sitting on the mountain.

Looking closely, it was not a mountain.

It was nothing more than a bloody tomb with piles of dead bodies of monsters.

The silver hair of the Grand Duke fluttered when he lowered his eyes.

Purple eyes imbued with magic looked down at the knight.

"What about the letter"

It was a letter that was said to be done after finishing the monsters.

He doesn't know which woman on earth sent it, but the pink letter, which was always accompanied by cookies, flew to the battlefield every week.

Motus ran to the barracks and found the Grand Duke with a handful of letters.

"Here it is, Your Highness."

The corner of Ferze's eyes moved slightly as he received the letter from the knight.

He seemed to be smiling as his eyes bent slightly.

Several letters were in the blood-soaked hands of the Grand Duke.

[Seeing that you didn't answer, I believe you ate my letter instead of rice because you were hungry.

Today, Barney baked a lot of cookies, so Barney and I shared them with Tweettweet. Eating alone will make you sick.]

[I've become a little close with Tweetweet, but he doesn't listen to me at all.

He gained some weight, so I gave him a carrot, and he spat it out while eating it. Why did you spit it out on my face Am I the one who has a big heart, right]

[I was going to give him just one cookie, but the ignorant Tweettweet ate them all, so I'm scolding him.

Wyvern's weak point is his buttocks, so I injured my hand while trying to hook him up.]

[It's been 71 days since I became friends with Tweettweet....]

[On the 124th day, I finally won the rank battle with Tweettweet.

I almost died while trying to get on his back]

Rather than asking how he was doing, it was all about Tweety, but he was not disappointed.

There were also letters written on ominous black paper from unknown senders.

[Don't send a letter to my little sister, you big boy.]

[Stop talking to my daughter.

The grown-up Grand Duke.]

[You're so brave to be my brother-in-law]

The last document remained behind the letter.

Judging from the fact that the Visenna family seal was stamped on the edge of the paper, it was sent by Duke Eustia.

[I will return the Karnen mine that was offered as a condition of the contract.

If there is no answer, it will be considered as consent.

According to the Imperial Family Law, if the age difference between the fiancée is more than 10 years, it is possible to break the engagement.

Visenna intends to follow the Imperial law steadily.]

It was a one-sided and tough attitude that only used words with respect, and did not ask the other person's opinion.

Even if it was a Duke, he could not change the contract with his entangled interests at will.

There are more reasons to deal with monsters faster.

Ferze's hand holding the letter was fire up.

He forgot the Imperial law because he thought he wouldn't be engaged to a child.

'You still haven't solved Ciel's curse I'm sure you can solve it right away.'

Ferze called the knight in a low, subdued voice.

“Sir, send a telegram to Miray Mercury.

There is something I need to find urgently.”


"I don't care how much it costs. Tell her I'll pay more generously than Visenna."

Is it so hard to go looking for something

The knight flinched and stiffened his body at the Grand Duke solemn expression.



*Bastard sword is the sword from webtoon "the god of high school" | you can search 'Jang Jang-Mi Bastard Sword'.


**a dishonorable or shameful death.


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