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Ryan froze at hearing that she knew all about it.

No wonder she ran away from home again out of nowhere.


“Tell me, do you still like her If so, I will immediately take the child and leave.” Tian Xin saw that he did not say anything for a long time, so she got anxious and struggled to get up to carry the baby.


Ryan hurriedly wrapped his arms around her and sighed, “Hey, no, I don’t like her anymore.

I’m all about you now, and my big rod only responds to you.

You know how much it likes you, and I’d like to prove it again.” While saying that, he rubbed her with his big meat stick, which was hard again.


“Bastard, I’m talking to you seriously!” Tian Xin hammered him hard on his chest, annoyed at his immodesty.

Nevertheless, she was reassured to feel his intense desire for her.

She couldn’t remember where she had heard the saying that if a man still maintained a passionate desire for you, it meant that he still loved you.


“I’m serious about what I said too.” Ryan looked down and kissed her little nose, then said, “No matter how I used to feel about Moussa, those were before you came along.

Now I only love you and have the desire for you alone.

You have to believe me.

It was hard for us to be together and have a baby, so don’t leave me for these things again, okay I was so scared I couldn’t see you and the baby.

Don’t ever scare me again.”


Tian Xin could not help but pout, “And say it, why were you so slow to locate us I walked all the way and stopped but did not walk much faster.

I thought you would come soon.

But who knew, I had to wait for so many days.

Is not the nose of your male orcs excellent How then even you could not smell my scent”


Ryan bit her pouting mouth.

In her pained looked, he said, “You see, I was scared to death to find you and the baby were not there.

How could I be rational My first reaction was that you carried the baby back to that home, so I ran all the way to the cave to look for you.

But I found nothing and only realized there was no scent of you around.


“Fool.” Seeing how he was trembling even in recollection, Tian Xin could not help but feel her nose turn sour.

It turned out that he was so afraid that she went back.

She subconsciously rubbed against his arms and said softly, “There is no path from that cave, and I can’t go back.

Now you don’t have to worry that I will leave you suddenly.”


“Never leave for the rest of your life” Ryan hugged her tightly and asked.


“Well, I’ll never leave.” Tian Xin nodded.


“Baby, I love you.”


“I love you too, my husband.”


Tian Xin finally let go of all the knots in her heart.

She willingly loved this orc husband, but her little capriciousness would still keep getting him into trouble.

However, she believed that Ryan would be willing to live with it, and who asked him to love this misguided woman from a different world.


At some point in time, the baby woke up.

She was bored and spitting bubbles.

Her parents were so irresponsible that they just cared about their happiness and didn’t care if she was hungry.

On top of that, they had promised her two times.

When she grew up, was she supposed to marry a white lion, or should she marry a black panther


Hey, this was a major problem.

Still, Tian Tian was young, and these things should be left to worry about in the future.


Yikes! I’m so happy that we finally reached the end.

I’ve long wanted to drop this if not for your continuous support! Thank you sooooooooooo much~!

I’m now working on Quick Transmigration: All The Supporting Male Leads Are Mine.

See You there!


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