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Chapter 2172: Fighting Poison with PoisonTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Mo Lian looked at her in amusement.

He held her hand and landed together with her on a square section of elevated land.

Besides the elevated area they were standing on, the surrounding land had sunk by nearly half a meter.

“See, you were sitting here at that time.” Mo Lian retold without being able to restrain his smile, “Even Hubby was terrified to see your advancement.

The result of all the spiritual energy surging toward you overburdened the surrounding environment.

Besides the area under you, all the land everywhere else sank because of you.”

Qiao Mu expressionlessly turned her head aside.

Mo Lian turned her back around in amusement.

“Hubby witnessed this with my own eyes!”

Dont think of denying it!

You, this little destroyer, made the forest like this…

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The Little Despot and the others also arrived next to this sunken land.

After examining it for a moment, they all turned to look at Qiao Mus poker face.

Qiao Mu whipped her head around and asked Tung, “Are we there yet”

“Reporting to the crown prince consort.

There is still some distance to cover to get to where Madam née Feng is.”

Qiao Mu waved her hand with a stern face.

“Lead the way!”

Everybody couldnt resist laughing in secret.

The little stoic was too funny.

Every time they were on a topic she did not want to talk about, her petite face would be especially stern.

Tung quickly turned around to lead the group deep into the forest.

The further they ventured into the forest, the more luxuriant the trees and plants were.

Everybody stopped flying and hiked for about half an hour.

From afar, they saw that the area in front of them started opening up.

After walking for another quarter of an hour, Tung led everybody to a steep cliff.

He pointed down below and explained, “Madam née Feng and her group headed down from here.”

Everyone looked at each other in bewilderment.

Qiao Mu waved away the fog in front of her and stated, “The fog below is poisonous.”

The Little Despot and company hastily retreated backwards.

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Qiao Mu took out several extra-strength antidote pills that she made herself and distributed them to everyone.

“It looks like there are a lot of venomous bugs and ants down below, so be careful.”

They were generally immune to normal poisons, but even so, Qiao Mu still reminded them to be careful, lest they fail where they least expect to…

“Alright, lets go down and check it out.” Qiao Mu and Mo Lian exchanged glances and then jumped off, drifting down along the steep cliff.

Afterwards, the Little Despot and the others also followed.

They controlled their speed as they slowly descended to the bottom of the cliff.

A layer of dense white fog wrapped around them, with tiny beads constantly seeping out from the fog.

However, because everybody had activated their defensive barriers, these corrosive droplets of poison was completely unable to get near them.

It was actually not too far from the top to the bottom of the cliff.

As everybody slowly drifted to a landing, their gaze turned solemn.

They saw numerous scorpions the size of their palm crawling to and fro in front of them.

Sensing the intrusion of strangers, they all then turned to crawl toward them.

Qiao Mu stood in front of everyone and calmly took out a small porcelain bottle.

She turned it upside down and poured out a lot of white powder.

They heard continous crackling sounds.

All the venomous scorpions that stepped onto the white powder turned into black pus.

They very dramatically… died without leaving a corpse.

Everybody couldnt help but jolt from fright at this lethal poison.

“This poison powder is specially used against poisonous creatures.”

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