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Shen Xiaoxiao walked out of the hall with two women who appeared to be fine.

There was no one outside for a long time.

The sound of the fight just now was so loud that anyone with a brain outside would not stay here and wait to be dealt with.

Shen Xiaoxiao looked outside and said to the two women,”Can you hold on”

“Yes, dont worry!”

They did not open their mouths to ask what was going on with Xiaoxiaos blood.

After all, this was a secret to Xiaoxiao.

Now that Xiaoxiao was able to feed her blood to them at such a critical moment… It could be imagined that Xiaoxiao really treated them like sisters.

The car at the door must have stopped.

Their car was in the underground parking lot, so naturally, they would not go to get it now.

As for why there were no police or troops outside, Shen Xiaoxiao did not think about it at this moment.

However, she had a vague feeling that no one would come out to rob the road on the way, so even at this moment, she didnt dare to let her guard down.

She used her hand to directly hit the windshield, opened the car, and sent the two women inside.

Shen Xiaoxiao wasnt in a hurry to get into the car.

Instead, she carefully looked under the car and roughly checked the surroundings.

After confirming that there was no sound, she sat in the drivers seat.

Then, she directly twisted off the wires and started the car.

“Look for weapons in the car.

Im afraid that someone will come and rob the road on the way.”

After Shen Xiaoxiao said that, Lou Yin and Huang Yueyan started to dawdle in the back seat.

This car did not look cheap, but it was very stable to drive.

As for weapons, other than a toolbox that was meant for repairing cars… There was nothing else.

“Only a wrench!”

Shen Xiaoxiao nodded.

With only a wrench, this matter wouldnt be easy to handle.

“This car has an unlimited number of phone calls, so it can contact the outside world.”

Huang Yueyans words reminded Shen Xiaoxiao.

She didnt usually drive, and she didnt pay attention to these things when she was in her own car.

Now that Huang Yueyan reminded her, she immediately started to fiddle with it.

However, just as the call connected and the voice of the secret guard was just recalled, the entire car body was violently hit.

“D*mn, they came really fast.

Secret guard, locate them.”

After giving a few instructions, she hurriedly hung up the phone.

Not only that, Shen Xiaoxiao focused all her energy on controlling the steering wheel and said to the two women behind the car,”Both of you, get down.

I want to have a good time drifting.”

Although the two of them were drugged, their coordination was excellent.

They immediately lowered their heads, bent down, and climbed into the backseat.

Shen Xiaoxiao stepped on the accelerator, forcefully pulling the distance away once again.

However, the other party was clearly prepared.

When the collision failed, the machine gun rang.

The firepower was not weak.

Shen Xiaoxiao could only stagger to the left and right to avoid the bullets.

They were about to reach the edge of the mountain.

If they continued forward, it would be a cliff.

If there was still no rescue, would the three of them really jump off the cliff today

Just as Shen Xiaoxiao was at a loss and did not know what to do, the seat beside her suddenly flashed.

Because the two women were lying on the ground, they naturally did not see it.

However, Shen Xiaoxiao knew that… Yan Kuan had suddenly appeared.

“If you had come a little later, you wouldnt have been able to see me.”

“How can that be With me here, no one can hurt you.

The speed of the car can return to normal.

Ill take care of these people.”

After Yan Kuan finished speaking, half of his body appeared outside the window.

He took out a gun and aimed it at the tires of the car behind him and fired.

Shen Xiaoxiao did not need to worry about how accurate his accuracy was.

It was a piece of cake for him to flatten four tires.

The car crashed into a mountain range nearby.


A loud sound rang out.

The bright light broke the silence of the night.

Huang Yueyan and Lou Yin had jumped into the car with Yan Kuan halfway through.

After all, they were not very clear-headed either.

They only said,”Yan Kuan, this is the first time youve made me feel youre useful.”

Yan Kuan smiled faintly and did not say anything.

These women were born with the ability to cause trouble.

“Exactly, Yan Kuan.

This mother also feels that youre especially arrogant tonight.”

Shen Xiaoxiaos car slowly stopped at the side.

She turned back to take a look.

It turned out that there were more than two cars.

There were a total of three cars.

However, the strange thing was that after they saw that car explode, they actually turned around and were not prepared to chase after it.

What was the meaning of this

“D*mn, arent you the best The moment you showed your face, did they just turn around and leave in fear”

Shen Xiaoxiao said jokingly to Yan Kuan.

However, when Yan Kuan saw Shen Xiaoxiaos wrist that was cut open with a blade, his face immediately turned ashen.

“I didnt plan to pursue it just now.

Now, dont even think about running away.”

Yan Kuan took out his phone and dialed the number:

“Stop those two cars.

Kill the people inside without mercy.”

Shen Xiaoxiao didnt say anything.

Sympathy naturally didnt exist.

One had to know that if Yan Kuan didnt come out today, the people who would be killed would be them.

Therefore, when it came to sympathy, one had to look at the place and the people.

“Little thing, as long as Im not around for a few days, you can definitely create a lot of trouble for me.”

“Its not that were causing trouble, its that De Cruz is seeking his own death.”

“Go back and bandage your wounds immediately.”

Shen Xiaoxiao heard his words and said with some doubt, “Why cant we use magic”

“Well, weve been in the human world for dozens of years.

Birth, old age, illness, and death are no different from ordinary people.

We dont use magic.

Perhaps well live a more comfortable life.

When our human world experience ends, we naturally wont be bound by any restrictions.”

Shen Xiaoxiao really did not expect Yan Kuans trip to have such an ending.

However, she had to admit that she was very satisfied with this ending.

One had to know that when the children around her grew up and all of her friends were slowly aging… Only she remained in that state.

Even if they did not say anything, they would still become different in everyones eyes.

Therefore, this ending was extremely good.

“Whats wrong You dont like it”

“No, I like it very much.

Lets go and bandage their wounds.

The two of them were even poisoned.”

After a short while, a rumbling sound came from the sky.

The helicopter landed on the lawn not far away from them.

Not only that, Ai Wei and Qiu Rong got down from the helicopter.

They nodded at the two of them and immediately went to pick up their woman.

Back in the room, Shen Xiaoxiao felt a little uncomfortable under Yan Kuans stare.

She asked directly,”Whats wrong Why are you looking at me like that”

“The three of you drank the birds nest with aphrodisiacs”

“Yes, we drank it all.

But you know that Im immune to all poisons, so theres no reaction.”

Yan Kuan stroked his chin playfully, then looked at Shen Xiaoxiao, and said, “Are you sure youre not poisoned”

Shen Xiaoxiao felt her limbs again.

It seemed that there was really nothing wrong with her

“I dont think so.

I dont have any reaction, but that medicine is very powerful.

I saw that Yueyan and Lou Yin still had a reaction after eating my blood.

I think that medicine is not simple.”

“Really Im not at ease.

Id better check.”

“Check it How”

Yan Kuan said while taking off his clothes and said to Shen Xiaoxiao,”Just check it like this!”

“Youre obsessed with your lower brain, get out of here… Wuwuwu…”


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