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The Mate Of The Alpha King Chapter 9: Who are You?

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Everything started in a matter of second. The only thing tangible were the flying objects and the screams that kept only on going on and on non-stop. Chairs were soaring left and right down and upside, hitting walls and hitting grounds. Or even worse they may even hit people on their faces or their backs.

With the loud going music, people will think it was one hell of party inside. And indeed it was one hell of a night. Xaviers instinct were the only engine that operated his body. His mind and thoughts were shut down the moment that scent entered his nostrils. It was like a spell, a witchcraft that made him redundant, losing all sort of rationality and logic. He was half shifting now, all his nails were long and his eyes become redder than a bloodied knife. Black veins spread into his face and body while his teeth transformed bit by bit into incisors and canines. He wasn a human, but he wasn a monster too. He was in a state in between; where his form changed back and forth, fighting a dominance war amid his wolf and himself.

He followed the thin rope of smell like a hungry zombie, starving and famished to taste some of that delicious feast. Without thinking twice he jumped into the crowed ignoring their horrified looks. He disregarded the desperate calls of his general Jace, who kept asking what was wrong.

All his guards tensed and were seemed to be ready for a battle. Whereas he, pushed and pulled his way toward what was driving him crazy.

Jace immediately understood that something must have happened, or something that his alphas heightened senses felt. He instantly took control of ordering the rest of the men and start the protection formation. His first priority was to control the place and close any possible threat.

He howled with all his might calling for his wolf within to command the people and end the screaming.

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