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Ye Qius heart trembled as he looked at the shy beauty in front of him.

The scheming spirit in his heart appeared again.

After sorting out his emotions, he lowered his head and looked at the beautiful person in his arms.

Their eyes met and he said sincerely, “Lianer, you are my April wind.

You bring warmth and hope.

“If I can, I hope I can always hold your hand tightly and explore more wonderful stars.

I might not be able to be the dazzling star in the sky, but I will do my best to become your strongest shelter and shelter you from the wind and rain.”

As soon as these words were spoken, Lian Fengs body trembled.

It was that familiar feeling again.

At this moment, she seemed to have really fallen for it.

Damn it, this man had her under his control.

Wasnt he ashamed to say such things

However, when she heard it in her heart, she liked it extremely and knocked on the true feelings in the depths of her heart.

“Is this what Senior Sister often says about men”

Lian Feng curled her lips.

At this moment, she felt like she had been electrocuted.

Her entire body was weak, and she was drenched in sweat.

Her heart was pounding.

“Damn it, this kind of illusion again.” She cursed in her heart and blushed.

This was the first time she had appeared so shy.

The more she messed with Ye Qiu, the more excited she became.

He liked to see such a contrasting expression on her face and wanted to continue provoking her.

Suddenly, he heard a teasing voice.

“Eh, Master, youre so mushy.

Arent you shy in saying such things”

The appearance of this voice instantly interrupted the two people who had just arrived.

Ye Qiu and Lian Feng looked up at the same time and discovered that Zhao Waner, this wretched girl, had secretly eavesdropped on them for a while.

Ye Qius expression was quite natural, but Lian Feng couldnt accept it.

She immediately felt like her image had collapsed.

Who would have thought that the image of the aloof goddess that she had painstakingly maintained for so many years would one day be destroyed by Ye Qiu

Moreover, her disciple had seen it.

How could she establish her dominance in front of her disciple in the future

“Ahem ahem…”

At that moment, Lian Feng instantly adjusted her state and returned to her usual coldness, as if she didnt care about anything in the world.

She was like an otherworldly fairy.

Her instantaneous change stunned Ye Qiu.

“Damn, she turned hostile so quickly If she went to film a movie, she would at least be a Best Actress.”

Ye Qiu was very shocked, but after thinking about it, he shook his head and didnt continue to dwell on this topic.

He turned around and glared at the mischievous Zhao Waner.

This wretched girl had to appear at this time.

Dont you know that your masters Goddess Attack Plan has already reached the last step Im about to succeed when you suddenly interrupted and ruined the atmosphere.

I have to teach this wretched girl a lesson later.

I have to spank her.

Otherwise, it will be difficult to appease the hatred in my heart.

Zhao Waner immediately understood that she had gotten into trouble after Ye Qiu glared at her.

She hid behind Lian Feng guiltily, as if she had found a protective umbrella.

She made a face at Ye Qiu again, looking very naughty.

“Haha, this wretched girl…”

Ye Qiu was amused, but he didnt continue to think about it.

Instead, he asked, “Why are you alone Wheres your senior sister”

Zhao Waner replied honestly, “Senior Sister isnt awake yet.

Master… Why are you guys so slow Ive been alone on the mountain for half a month.

Im so bored that Im about to fall sick.”

Zhao Waner felt a little wronged.

At this moment, she finally understood the torture of her master guarding Violet Cloud Peak alone.

For the past half a month, she could only stare blankly at Violet Cloud Peak and mutter to herself when she woke up every day.

There was no one to talk to, and she could not calm down when cultivating.

Her senior sister was still asleep, and Little Linglong had yet to wake up.

How could she endure that kind of loneliness

She could only hope that her master would come back early and her senior sister would wake up early.

It had been hard on her.

Ye Qiu was amused when he saw her aggrieved and a little bitter expression, with her lips pursed.

He expected better from her and knocked her head.

He said, “Its only been a few days, but you cant stand it anymore.

I usually teach you to do your homework.

Where did it go

“Cultivation is endless.

If you cant even endure this bit of loneliness, how can you pursue the more illusory Immortal Dao in the future”

Zhao Waner hid behind Lian Feng aggrievedly, blaming herself.

Seeing this, Lian Feng hurriedly spoke up for her and said, “Shes still young and has never experienced such loneliness.

Its normal for her to not be able to endure it.

Shell slowly get used to it in the future.”

“Hehe, Mistress is the best.”

Zhao Waner immediately smiled happily when she heard Lian Feng speak up for her.

She hid behind Lian Feng and felt extremely safe.

Ye Qiu also shook his head helplessly.

They were on the same side.

As a master, he couldnt discipline his disciples.

Sigh, his family status.

“Alright, just spoil her.

Sooner or later, shell cause trouble.”

Ye Qiu shrugged and didnt continue to think about this problem.

Of course, he was saying it out of anger.

Actually, he knew very well what kind of person his disciple was.

This girl had always been very sensible, understanding, gentle, and kind.

She would not make any big mistakes.

Ye Qiu was just worried about her future cultivation.

As a cultivator, the key was to cultivate the heart.

Her heart had yet to hone those unnecessary naivety.

“Lets go.”

Looking back at the two of them, Ye Qiu waved his hand and the three of them flew towards Violet Cloud Peak.

Soon, the few of them returned to the training hall.

After more than a year, they returned to this familiar home.

Ye Qiu let out a long sigh and let down his guard.

This journey of more than a year was very difficult.

In the end, Ye Qiu couldnt find a chance to settle scores with the Immortal Mountain.

This sudden change was too sudden.

He had yet to find Gongsun Baizhis whereabouts.

This old fellow might have predicted that Ye Qiu would settle scores with him and slipped away after the matter was exposed.

When he came out of the Heavenly Palace previously, Ye Qiu specially paid attention to it.

There was not a single disciple of the Immortal Mountain who came out.

Even the other disciples of the Heaven Mending Sect, who were the first to come out, did not find any traces of the Immortal Mountains disciples.

Such a strange thing made Ye Qiu very puzzled.

“Hmm, forget it! The most important thing now is to resolve the problem at hand.”

Helpless, Ye Qiu could only put down his conflict with the Immortal Mountain now that the Heavenly Water Calamity was imminent.

This was the first time Lian Feng had officially stepped into Violet Cloud Peak.

Her cold gaze kept sizing up the surrounding environment.

When she saw the immortal peach growing in the garden, her heart trembled.

She said in disbelief, “Is this your training hall”

Ye Qiu nodded and looked at her with a smile.

She walked towards the immortal peach and quietly stood under it.

Her hand gently stroked the branch.

She was very shocked and said, “Immortal-grade immortal peach tree! I didnt expect that your small training hall would actually plant such a rare treasure.”


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