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Chapter 3: All logic must make way for the male lead’s halo

The Kowloon Walled City was considered a “three-nothing” zone by China, Britain and Hong Kong for a long time due to historical issues.

This small area of less than three hectares was once dominated by gangs, pornography, gambling, and drugs were common.

Even the police refused to enter the walled city until 1974, when the ICAC was established.

In reality, the Kowloon Walled City had been demolished in 1993 to make way for a park, and Qiao Wen had never seen this famous slum with his own eyes.

However, the legend surrounding it has been passed down through generations, and it has become a source of inspiration for many artists, as well as a holy place for cyberpunk fans.

At this point, a plane from Kai Tak Airport rumbled past from the top of the tenement building next to it, casting a large shadow.

Qiao Wen remembered what the father of cyberpunk, William Gibson, had said about this-“The walled city sits at the end of a runway, awaiting clearance.

Those chaotic windows have always been the home of butchers, unlicensed dentists, and drug dealers.

They appear to absorb all of the crazy vitality of Kai Tak Airport, much like a dream nest.

They consume energy in the same way that a black hole does.”

This is a city within a city that has inspired countless artists, but there is a significant difference between literary creation and real life.

Even adventurers like Qiao Wen were suffering from depression and anxiety at this time.

He was born and raised under the red flag, after all.

In spite of his upbringing in a wealthy family, he’d never had to worry about money.

His travels had taken him to deserts and jungles, but he had never been to a slum.

That’s right, he wasn’t just anyone of them anymore, he was one of them!

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“If so, will you be going out by yourself What if you faint on the road and nobody cares”

In response, Qiao Wen turned his head to face him and smiled.

To which the man replied: “Don’t worry about me.

You’ve been taking care of me every day for the past two days, so you’re tired.”

“It was thanks to you that Grandma could close the files and get some rest.”  Hao Tsai was in a daze as he stared at him.

All year round, Awen frowns.

He couldn’t remember the last time he saw his smile.

He can’t help but think that this smile has cleared the sky.

Because Awen was so different, he couldn’t explain it to himself, but it made him happy in his heart, so he obeyed his words without thinking: “Then be careful, don’t forget.

that I went back to Uncle Hua to get medicine.”

“I know.”

While about to turn around, Qiao Wen asked Hao Tsai, “Do you have money”

“There are still ten dollars”

“All right, give me everything.” Qiao Wen moved in the opposite direction as the slender boy trotted away, following his memories.

The walled city is separated into two sections: east and west.

The west is where the nice people live, and the east is where the triads thrive.

Now the organization that governs here is called Hexing Society, and the current boss, Zhao Shanhai, nicknamed the Diamond Mountain Leopard, also known as the Leopard, is a cruel character.

Looking at the entire city of Hong Kong, the Hexing Society, with fewer than 1,000 individuals, can only be considered a little society, but the situation is quite unique because it is not controlled by the police.

It’s a place they cannot dared to provoke.

Since this is Hong Kong’s most arrogant society.

Because Hexing Society has been the city’s monarch and dominance for many years, practically everyone is proud to be a member of Hexing Society.

Children with good looks, such as Qiao Wen, are quite rare.

Chen Jianan, on the other hand, is naturally a member of the Hexing Society.

The original body was displeased with Chen Jianan’s gang group, according to Qiao Wen’s memory, the two had a great argument over it.

Chen Jianan vowed that joining the club was solely for the purpose of bettering the neighborhood’s security, and that it would never be tainted by pornography, gambling, or drugs, and the two reconciled as before.

However, when walking by a river, one cannot avoid getting wet shoes.

Chen Jianan is currently in Hexing Society’s bottom four or nine, but if he succeeds in the assassination tonight, Zhao Shanhai will promote him to a senior employee and the blood on his hands is only going to increase.

Qiao Wen was on the lookout for Chen Jianan’s ruthless actions.  In the original book, he was a violent man.  I’m worried the original is still alive, and stopping him as a villain will be difficult.

He sighed and continued along the filthy street.

He stepped outside after only a few minutes of traveling through the fortified city.

However, even a few hundred meters can make a huge difference.

Outside is a bustling metropolis, while inside lies a desolate slum.

His gaze was drawn to a line of rickshaws parked on the side of the road, waiting for passengers.

It is now the early 1970s.

Despite the availability of public buses, trams, minibuses, and taxis, some people at the bottom still rely on this type of convenient and inexpensive rickshaw to go around.

Qiao Wen made an estimated guess about his destination.

It was only a short distance away.

He is expecting to walk for more than 20 minutes, but his current body may only be able to walk for a few minutes before finally reaching its limit.

“Furong Tea Room,” he remarked to the coachman as he moved slowly to a rickshaw with barely 10 bucks in his palm.

In reality, today is a turning point for both Chen Jianan, the evil villain, and Lin Zihui, the masculine protagonist.

Lin Zhaoming, Lin Zihui’s father, is a wealthy man in Hong Kong who is set to be slain by Chen Jianan.

However, the fate of the protagonist of the novel is not destined to be so smooth sailing, and Lin Zihui is the illegitimate son of Lin Zhaoming and the tea house lady (the elegant name of the tea house waitress).

Lin Zihui’s mother-in-law of Camellia1 died of illness not long after she gave birth, as do all the protagonists of frustrated novels.

Because his father relies on his original wife to send him home, his wife and children have personalities that are despiteful, so he did not take him home as an illegitimate child, even if it is to protect him.

As a result, Lin Zihui has always been raised by his uncle, who owns the tea shop.

Lin Zhaoming treated him very well despite the fact that he did not come from a wealthy family.

He had been living the life of a young master since he was a child.

His growth conditions are vastly different from those of Chen Jianan and Qiao Wen in the slums.

It’s a shame that his father died in the first book, and there was no cash machine to fill the void and so quickly lost control of the tea room.

Lin Zihui was rendered completely helpless.

Life was difficult because he was suppressed by parents, wives, and children everywhere.

Naturally, as the protagonist, he worked hard in the face of adversity, beating the face of scumbags and all the way from being poor and white to being a big boss in the city.

As a matter of fact, Chen Jianan’s experience is comparable to his own.

As a result of adjustments, both are considered to be bigwigs.

They simply went to different roads, and because he was the main character, things went smoothly for him.

The biggest role of the villain’s existence is to let the protagonist continue his journey by being tortured over and over by him.

When Qiao Wen was reading, he noticed that Chen Jianan always lost to Lin Zihui, which puzzled him.

Chen Jianan rose from a forty-nine sons to the Hexing Society’s double bonus red stick in just two years.

Then, using the Hong Kong government’s sweep of the gang, he assassinated Zhao Shanhai and became the new leader of the Hexing Society.

He will only occupy the original post from then on.

The Hexing Society in Kowloon Walled City has grown into the entire Hong Kong City, and has broken into the real estate and entertainment industries, and has put pornography, gambling, and drugs underground, while being just in his twenties.

In the fight with Lin Zihui, such a powerful villain repeatedly lost to the wind, and even ended up being shot to death indiscriminately, no matter how unreasonable.

Of course, the male protagonist is the most important in Shuangwen2, and all logic must yield to the male protagonist’s aura.

The author has something to say:

“Young and Dangerous”3 has said something about society’s hierarchy.

Sijiuzai or forty-nine sons is the younger brother who has recently officially started the club.

The red stick represents the senior employee.

The most powerful of the red sticks is the double bonus red stick.

Dragon Head (Four Eighty Nine) is the highest leader of the society.

Of course, this is irrelevant.

This is not a gang essay, but rather one about how the protagonist battles evil forces.


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