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Chapter 9 Explanation.



The second morning, Qiao Wen was awakened by the plane motor rumbling over the walled city.

He opened a pair of hazy eyes and looked out the window.


The day was already bright.

It should be a bright sunny day, but the densely packed buildings in the walled city blocked most of the light, and the little sunlight projected from the small window on the second floor was really pitiful.


Nevertheless this was enough to make a small house from dark to light.

He turned his head slightly and saw a young, smooth, handsome face.


The two were so close that Chen Jianan’s breath was spilling on his face, and he had to lean back a bit.

Soon Chen Jianan also woke up, yawned, half-opened his hazy eyes habitually hugged Qiao Wen, and rubbed his soft short hair.


The two people's hands and feet were entangled in a very intimate posture.


Qiao Wen suddenly felt something was wrong, his waist seemed to be pressed by a murder weapon.

Of course, he knew what it was.

He helplessly pushed the young man who was holding him: “Brother Nan, hurry up and release the water!”


Chen Jianan opened his eyes in a daze and looked down at the vigorous tent, then with a curse he jumped out of bed and said: “I’m going to pee.”


Qiao Wen shook his head in amusement.

As a vigorous young man, it was perfectly normal.


After doing the business he came back from the balcony, while grandma had also got up and came out of the room.

“Morning, grandma!” He greeted with a smile.


The grandmother smiled and said, “Anan comes to share a bed with Awen again Isn’t it too hot”

Chen Jianan waved his hand: “It’s not hot.

It’s hotter if I sleep with Haozi.”

Granny went to the balcony: “You two wash up, and I will make breakfast.”


Chen Jianan slumped back on the bed with a sleepy face and lazily leaned on Qiao Wen, who had not yet risen from the bed.

“Handsome Nan!” An angry call suddenly came from downstairs.


Chen Jianan got up with a jolt and went over to the window.

“Fourth brother, what’s the matter”

Zhao Asi downstairs roared.

“Quickly come down and follow me to see Lord Leopard.”


Chen Jianan pretended to be confused: “What does Lord Leopard want from me”

Zhao Asi exclaimed in a foul mood.

“What did you do, don’t you know it Come down quickly!”

“Fourth brother, wait a minute, I will come down.”


He retracted his head from the window, ran to the bed, and whispered to Qiao Wen, who was already sitting up: “It seems that you guessed right last night.

It is estimated that the guy in the tea house came to the door.

I’ll go to the east side, don’t worry about me, I will be fine.”


Qiao Wen nodded, then exhorted: “Beware of his military stab.”



As he was about to turn and go out, but as thinking of something, he bent over and lifted the hem of Qiao Wen’s T-shirt.

“What are you doing”


“Look at the injury on your waist.” His eyes fell on the faint blue color on his waist.

Although it was not serious at first glance, it was still apparent on his snow white skin.

“It’s okay.” Qiao Wen pulled down his clothes indifferently.


Chen Jianan frowned and said with a sullen face.

“I have to make that street boy suffer a bit later.”

“Brother Nan!” Qiao Wen reminded him helplessly.

“Have you forgotten your current status Don’t get into trouble.”


Chen Jianan waved his hand sullenly: “I know, you just got better, take a good rest at home, don’t forget to drink medicine.

Haozi will help you and grandma get water.

If I don’t come back, let Haozi do errands.”

“Well, I’ll wait for you to come back.”


The corners of Chen Jianan's mouth curved upwards, and he rubbed his hair: “Don’t worry, your Nan must be fine.”

After saying goodbye to the grandmother on the balcony, he went out.


He was bare-chested.

His skin was firm and polished, with a slight bronze color of a young man.

Although he was lean, he had smooth and distinct muscle lines.

Few scars remained on his back from years of fighting and brawling, which seems to be a man’s honor.


It was a young, healthy body, like a young man who had not yet gone astray.

Qiao Wen had no confidence in his trip to the Eastern District.

His own arrival had changed the plot of the original world, and the fate of everyone became unknown.


But nothing else could be done except wait quietly.

There was no point in pondering about it.


Chen Jianan went back upstairs and changed his clothes.

As he went downstairs, Zhao Asi had a cigarette in his mouth and was impatiently waiting.

Seeing him coming out of the corridor, he stepped forward and slapped the back of his head in anger.

Because he was a bit short, he had to jump hard in order to slap this slap.


“You have been with me for almost two years.

I think you are clever and have always taken good care of yourself.

You said your brother needs money for his treatment and begged me to take you to Lord Leopard, I took you there.

But what kind of trouble do you think you've caused me" 


Zhao Asi was the direct boss of Chen Jianaan.

He was in his thirties and was neither good-looking nor had abilities.

On weekdays, he usually ran two gambling stalls and ran errands for the boss.

Although he was just an ordinary straw sandals status in the club, because he was the nephew of Zhao Shanhai’s family, he could speak directly in front of the boss.


Although he had no abilities or ambitions, he wasn't a bad person, and he could even be called a great man of love and righteousness.

He was really good to his younger brother; this was also the reason why Chen Jianan decided to follow him in the first place.


This time Qiao Wen was seriously ill, and Chen Jianan asked him to help him see Zhao Shanhai, and he also agreed.


Later Zhao Shanhai sent Chen Jianan to kill people.

Zhao Asi was also aware of it, but as for who he was going to kill and the specific actions, he knew nothing about it.


This morning, Zhao Shanhai asked him to find Chen Jianan.

His tone was quite sullen.

He could guess with his toes(** there is no need to think with brain**) that he had not accomplished his task since he was young and was new to this.

He was only afraid that his own men might have caused some serious trouble.


When he greeted him with a slap, Chen Jianan tilted his head slightly without a trace, allowing him to hit him without causing too much pain to his head.

Then he feigned pain and covered his head and said with a shy smile:  “Fourth brother, what trouble could I have caused It’s just that I didn’t do what Leopard asked me to do.

There are bodyguards around him.

How can I do that alone”


Zhao Asi snorted: "You don't seem to be capable of killing people either." After thinking about it, he said, “Master Leopard certainly didn’t count on you, an incompetent forty-ninth boy.

If he wants to vent his anger on you.

You take it yourself.”

“That is.”


After thinking about it, he asked, "How is your sick kid doing"

“He’s much better.

Thank you brother for your concern.”

“He’s not your own brother.

I don’t know why you're fighting for his life”


Chen Jianan laughed happily: “A brother is better than a no-brother, even if he wasn't born from my mother.”

Zhao Asi snorted disapprovingly.


Although the walled city had been divided into east and west sections, it was only a small area.

Ten minutes later, they arrived at Zhao Shanhai's lair, which was also the current base camp of Hexing Society—Zhenxing Wuguan.


Zhao Shanhai was born as a martial artist, and his Iron Fist was invincible in the city.

After joining the Hexing Society, he quickly became a double-flowered red stick.

After that, he replaced the former leader and became the current boss.


At the door stood Zhao Shanhai’s confidant and Xing She fanned Uncle Cao with a white paper fan.

Wearing a white Tang suit, he looked like a teacher.

“Uncle Cao, where is Lord Leopard” Zhao Asi asked.


Uncle Cao didn’t answer, raised his eyelids, glanced at Chen Jianan, and said.

“A Si, just bringing the people will be fine.

You go and do your work and let this kid go in.”

Uncle Cao was a veteran, Zhao Asi did not dare to make trouble with him, just nodded obediently, then glared at Chen Jianan and whispered: “Tighten your skin, don’t make trouble for me.”


Chen Jianan smiled, after respectfully sending him away, he followed Uncle Cao into the house.

This building only had three floors.

In the walled city, there was rarely a patio-like courtyard.

At this moment, Zhao Shanhai was sitting in the middle of the patio drinking tea leisurely.

Several disciples were practicing martial arts around wooden stakes.


“Lord Leopard, the boy is here!” Uncle Cao walked up to him and said respectfully.

Chen Jianan hurriedly stepped forward and gave a big bow: “Master Leopard.”


Putting down the teacup Zhao Shanhai waved to the disciples in the courtyard: “Go down.”

The disciples bowed and dispersed.


Zhao Shanhai looked at the silent Chen Jianan with a smile: “Anan, how did the mission go last night”

Chen Jianan said in a rueful voice: “Master Leopard, there was an accident, it didn’t happen.”


Zhao Shanhai was a rugged-looking man, in his forties with a solid appearance and had a sturdy figure like an iron wall.

He dressed in black training clothes, and his chest was frim against the cloth.

There was a large tattoo on his neck, a gold chain hanging on his chest, and a string of Buddhist beads on his wrist.

His whole body emits a powerful aura of a gangster.


But he had a smiley face, and the legendary smiling tiger looked just like him.


Looking at Chen Jianan, who was in trouble, he still smiled, pointed his finger at the armrest of the pearwood armchair, and said: “You are young and inexperienced.

When I give this task to you, I let you do your best.

Leopard don’t blame you for not making it.”


“Thank you, Master Leopard.”

Zhao Shanhai raised his hand and waved: “A Yong, come out.”


A man slowly walked out from under the eaves of the corridor behind him, his expressionless face radiating murderous intent.


Chen Jianan looked up, then stunned, his eyes widened: “He…he…”

His acting was quite impressive, and the surprised expression didn't seem fake at all.

Ruan Yong walked to the Zhao Shanhai side, his eagle-like eyes staring straight at Chen Jianan, and whispered: “Leopard Lord.”


Zhao Shanhai smiled and looked at Chen Jianan, who was staggering two steps back: “Anan, do you know him”

“I…” Chen Jianan met his gaze.


“The accident you mentioned was him, right”


Chen Jianan's eyes widened in shock, his expression stunned: “He is the person Leopard sent as well”

Zhao Shanhai smiled and said.

“Lin Zhaoming is the richest man in Hong Kong.

Someone spends millions of dollars to buy his life from me.

Do you think I could only send you an inexperienced 49th boy A Yong has fought in the Vietnam War for many years now he is a top-notch killer in Southeast Asia.

I specially asked him to do things for me, but you screwed it up.”


“Master Leopard, I don’t know anything this can’t be blamed on me!” Chen Jianan said anxiously, revealing the look of Dou E in the Flying snow in June.

(** Dou E - popular drama)


Zhao Shanhai said with a calm smile, “Of course, I don’t blame you, but you screwed Ayong’s business, and I asked him to do this.

Now he came to me for an explanation.

I can't give it, don't you think so Anan”

Chen Jianan looked terrified: “Master Leopard, I really don’t know! I am your person, you have to help me.”


Zhao Shanhai waved his hand: “Anan if you weren't one of my people and the Xing Society, you would have been dead on the street by now after screwing such a big deal.

But we Jianghu people have to follow Jianghu rules.

I can't cover you up completely.

This is a matter between you two, so you solve it by yourself.

Of course, in my place, you have to follow my rules.” After that, he turned to look at the man behind him.

“Ayong, do you have any comments”


Ruan Yong shook his head.


“Alright!” Zhao Shanhai stood up.

“I’ll give you half a second of incense, not a second more.”

Chen Jianan was shocked, but he didn't anticipate Qiao Wen's prediction would be so precise.

Zhao Shanhai gestured his hand to the weapon stand next to him and pointed: “Anan, you have caused trouble by yourself.

I heard that you are considered a capable fighter in the Forty Nine Boys, and Ah Si also praised you more than once in front of me.

Pick the weapon by yourself, but it is dependent on your luck whether this half-pillar of incense can last.” After speaking, he walked out with his hands folded back, without looking back, “But you can rest assured, if you die here today, I will give your father alimony.

Uncle Cao, light the incense.”


Uncle Cao lit half of the incense on the nearby incense burner, gestured to the two, and turned around and walked out.


With only two people left in the courtyard, Ruan Yong stared at Chen Jianan fiercely, as if the other party was the prey he was about to hunt.

Then with a frown, he pulled out the Mitsubishi Army dagger from his waist, and with a  fierce scream he charged forward at him.


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