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Warlock of The Magus World Fan Fiction Chapter 453

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Chapter 453

Leylin carefully observed the Chaos Upanishad given by Blood Vein Ring ring spirit and concluded his next course of action.

He suddenly turned around and said to Zahira. “Princess Zahira you should leave first. I will take care of things here.”

Zahira was frightened. “You want to fight face to face with Bloody Slaughterer Kato You wont be able to beat him!”

In response to her doubt Leylin showed a serious countenance and simply released a heavy pressure even causing her to take a step backward.

“I know what I am doing, I will need to fight with full force and detonate the flaming meteorolites. I wont be able to control the explosion, its better for you to retreat. Lets meet outside the Solar Star Exploding Fragment Field. You must have a reason to come here in this dangerous region, you can go about your business Ill meet you at the border directly.”

“I cant just leave, if both of us join hands together we can probably defeat him.”

“Why bother with probability when I am talking with certainty. You can just retreat for now and observe from far away, if things dont pan out the right way you can come back to help otherwise lets just meet at the rendezvous point.”

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