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Chapter 64: Cold Barley and Vegetable Tempura


Waking up as the morning sun shines, I poured water from the well in the garden over my head, which has become my usual routine.

At once, my mind felt refreshed, so I went straight to the dining area.

Harry already had his morning hamburger, so I tell him thanks for yesterday’s meal.

I handed him the cooler box with ice blocks, and Harry went to Edel’s place.

Well, let’s do my best here, too.

After eating morning salad, bread, and soup, I went down the main street in the direction of Fountain Park to check on Elvis.

“Everything alright”

I call out to Elvis and we hug.

“I’ve already started making the dress ordered.

Can I have you help me with the fitting in three days”

“Of course, three days later.

I will be here around this time.”

With this promise, I handed over the luggage I kept to Elvis.

My next stop is to visit Grandma.

It had been some time since I said I was going to visit her.

Walking to Grandma’s house as I had been told, I found her and her son weeding in the field.

“Grandma, I’m here!”

“Ginjiro Welcome.”

Ginjiro is a little shy to see her smile, even though she’s wrinkled.

“I’ll help you with this weeding, and when we’ re done, will you show me the fields”

“Sure, but there’s nothing to see in the fields.”

Grandma said she had nothing, but her fields are carefully cultivated with various kinds of vegetables.

She makes a living by harvesting them and delivering them to the company.

“Grandma, these are sweet potatoes, aren’t they”

That’s right.

They are still small, but when they grow up they will become big and can be preserved for a long time, so they sell for a high price.

When I asked about the price at the market, I was told that two sweet potatoes cost one copper coin.

I thought it might be too cheap, but I heard that sweet potatoes are relatively cheap because they don’t require much work to grow.

“Do you have any kind of contract with the company that is buying from you, Grandma Do you have to deliver a certain amount of goods”

“Ginjiro sometimes says something interesting.

We just bring the goods without permission and the company will buy them.”

Grandma laughed, but I felt that this world is quite a harsh one.

I can make money just by getting Japanese goods from Net store and selling them, but people like her should be rewarded.

“Grandma, will you sell me all these sweet potatoes I’ll buy them for twice the price of the company.”

I thought she might be pleased, but she was furious with me for buying them at twice the price.

I was glad that there was someone in the other world who really cared about me and was angry with me.

“Ginjiro, you hungry If you’re hungry, I’ll cook something at home.”

Going to Grandma’s house, I found her grandson wearing brand-new clothes.

She had earned enough money at the stall the other day to buy several clothes for her grandchildren.

Ginjiro felt kind of happy.

His son’s wife, whom he met for the first time, is pregnant with their second child, and they seem to be a happy family.

“Grandma, since I’ m here, can I cook lunch for you With all these delicious looking vegetables, I feel like cooking something from my hometown.”

When I told Grandma, she gave me permission to use the vegetables and the kitchen as I wanted.

The son’s wife said she was sorry, but she’s a pregnant woman, and I’m rather sorry that I made her feel uncomfortable.

What I make is cold barley and vegetable tempura. (Barley salad can be served hot or cold)

Deep-fry onions, eggplants, and green peppers in oil to make tempura.

While preparing the scallions and myoga (Japanese ginger) as condiments, boil the barley in boiling water.

After boiling, immediately cool it in ice water to finish.

Vegetable tempura with cold barley is easy and simple to make.

Being around Grandma’s family seems to have reminded Ginjiro of his childhood.

Now that he is an adult, he knows the luxury of eating cold barley and vegetable tempura with family.

Although Ginjiro is in another world and they are not his real family, he feels comfortable with Grandma family.

“Well, I’ll come again, so please take care of the sweet potato.”

After leaving Grandma and her family, Ginjiro went to Master’s place.

“Master, you are here, aren’t you I’m coming in.”

I know he won’t come out even if I call out at the entrance, so I go straight inside.

Master and his disciples were working in the workshop.

I watched them so as not to disturb them.

“What is it”

After waiting for a while, Master stopped and came over to me.

“If you’re not busy, I thought we could have a drink.”

“You idiot.

You’re the one that’s making me busy.”

Master says so, but the sword to be presented to the royalty itself is already finished, and all that remains is to decorate the container.

“If we are going to have a drink, you brought it, didn’t you”

“I brought it, yes, whiskey.”

From the item box, take out a turtle shell bottle of whiskey and rock ice.

A cola for the disciples.

“Oi, where’s the prosciutto”

“There is no such thing.

Besides, the prosciutto, they are aged for thirty-six months and are very expensive.”

Since Master once took a prosciutto from me, I said it out loud.

Instead of the prosciutto, I asked him if I could borrow his kitchen, but then I remembered I had some leftover pizza I had made the other day.

“Um, could you bake this in that furnace”

The blacksmith’s furnace still has fire, so I give Antonio-san a pizza.

I thought about cooking something while the pizza was baking, but it became too much of a hassle, so I put the canned snacks I had bought from an online store on a plate.

Ginjiro’s favorite snacks smoked oysters, octopus ajillo, corned beef and thick-cut bacon.

Antonio baked a pizza for us, and I cut it with a pizza cutter.

“What’s that”

Master reacted to the pizza cutter, so I gave it to him.

“This design is interesting.

Antonio, can you use this as a reference”

Master gives the pizza cutter to Antonio.

Antonio-san receives the pizza cutter and goes to the workshop in the back.

The other two disciples follow him.

I was left alone with Master, anyway, let’s have a toast.

“Sorry about that.”

Unusually, Master apologizes.

“You mean the prosciutto”


Not that.”

He apologizes for giving the pizza cutter to his disciple, though apparently we were supposed to be having a good time drinking.

“His family used to be a carriage workshop.

But they were attacked by bandits and his parents died.

…… I taught him the basics of forging, but I wanted him to make carriages someday.

That cutter that goes smoothly over the cheese and bread.

Don’t you think that would make a good carriage if those became carriage wheels”

When I first met Master, he was an unfriendly old man, but it turns out he is a man who cares about his disciples.

He is sincerely caring to those close to him.

Maybe that’s why he usually puts up walls because he can’t have shallow relationships.

It’s a clumsy way of life, but I think that’ s why he can’t leave his disciples alone.

I poured a cup of whiskey for Master and lightly bump his cup.

Master simply nodded.

Cute fran~ :3 Time to reread Tensei **ara Ken De**a.


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