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“Brother Kong…”

“No problem,” Su Jingxing replied calmly.

“When are we setting off”

“…Thank you, Brother Kong!”

Pan Funan was delighted.

“Well set off now.

Of course, if you need to prepare, we can wait.”

“No need.” Su Jingxing raised his hand.

“Since were setting off now, lets go.”


Pan Funans expression turned serious.

He no longer stood on ceremony and turned around to lead the way.

Deep down, he was very grateful that Su Jingxing was willing to lend a hand.

Su Jingxing, Feng Fa, and the others were just passing by the Kuntian World.

On the principle of helping out fellow humans, the Void Resistance Alliance was willing to host them.

When the time came, Su Jingxing, Feng Fa, and the others would leave.

During this period, Su Jingxing helping the Void Resistance Alliance was doing them a favor.

Even if he did not do so, he did not owe them anything.

After all, the Kuntian World was not Su Jingxings hometown.

Now that Su Jingxing had agreed, Pan Funan was naturally grateful.

Little did he know that even without Pan Funans invitation, Su Jingxing would have found an excuse to leave the base and hunt for the Battle race outside.

He still lacked eight Divine Power Cards for the divine power of Three Heads Six Arms.

Su Jingxing could only extract these eight Divine Power Cards from the corpses of the Battle race.

Ordinary Battle races were not enough.

He only had a chance of doing so from third-realm generals.


With regards to Pan Funans invitation, Su Jingxing was happy to cooperate.

If he could kill the Thunder Cloud Thread Insect, he could also take the opportunity to extract a bunch of cards.

Cards extracted from a giant insect that could guide the Void Divine Thunder should be extraordinary too!

“Brother Kong, this is the team leader of this operation, Team Leader Fang, Fang Polu.”

In a square, Pan Funan introduced a muscular middle-aged man in a combat suit to Su Jingxing.

“Team Leader Fang is at the peak of the Grotto-Heaven realm.

With him leading the team, even if we encounter a sixth-realm Battle King, we can retreat unscathed.”

“Greetings, Team Leader Fang.” Su Jingxing bowed to the middle-aged man.

“Youre welcome, Brother Kong.

We should be the ones thanking you.” Fang Polu smiled.

“Youre a hero of the human race to be willing to stand up at this time.

Especially since youre a rare spiritual martial artist, this is even more righteous.”


“You and the others are the true heroes.

Im just helping out a little.” Su Jingxing smiled humbly.

“Haha, this small favor of yours has solved our big problem.”

Fang Polu smiled and waved his hand.

“Since Little Brother Kong has arrived, lets go!”


The other seven people, including Pan Funan, responded in unison.

Pan Funan, Su Jingxing, Fang Polu, together with the seven others, there were ten people in this Insect Annihilation Team.

Fang Polu was in the Grotto-Heaven realm, and everyone else was in the Life Void realm.

Pan Funan and Su Jingxing were in the spiritual martial arts Dharma Characteristic realm, also comparable to the Life Void realm.

However, in terms of combat strength, the Dharma Characteristic realm was much stronger than the Life Void realm.

Such a team could deal with both infiltrating and retreating from the gathering place of the Thunder Cloud Thread Insect.

The Void Resistance Alliance wanted great helpers who could destroy the demons and the Battle race in advance, not send people to their deaths.

Boom! Boom!

Under the sky, thunderclouds rolled and lightning appeared.

Thick lightning snakes emerged from the dark clouds from time to time, tearing through the sky and striking the ground, leaving huge pits.

Apart from a few strongholds, the current Kuntian World was almost defeated.

The various human countries had long been destroyed, with countless casualties.

The demons, Battle races, and devils who were bent on destroying the Void Resistance Alliance wandered around, searching for every opportunity.

Under such circumstances, Pan Funan, Su Jingxing, Fang Polu, and the others quietly left the inverted mountain peak and flew southeast.

Their speed was not very fast.

Basically, after flying for a distance, they would stop to take a detour or fight a small battle to kill the Void Beasts and Void World monsters.

Su Jingxing extracted a series of cards.

The thunderclouds in the sky did not dissipate.

The destination of the Insect Annihilation Team, the gathering place of the Thunder Cloud Thread Insects, was also a place where countless lightning and thunder gathered.

Few of the Battle race, demons, and devils were willing to stay by the side of the Thunder Cloud Thread Insect because they would be struck by lightning from time to time.

However, the Thunder Cloud Thread Insects loved to bathe in lightning and thunder.

They clustered together in groups of twos and threes, forming small lightning and thunder pools.

Even martial artists in the Life Void realm would be severely injured if they came into contact with such a lightning pool.

If the duration was slightly longer, they would be struck to death.

Spiritual martial artists were different.

To a certain extent, their powerful physical bodies could withstand waves of cleansing by the lightning and thunder pools.

Not only could they withstand it, they could also use this opportunity to strengthen their spiritual martial arts bodies.

Of course, the prerequisite was that the Thunder Cloud Thread Insect had to cooperate and not attack.

Therefore, Pan Funans invitation to Su Jingxing could also be considered an opportunity to boost his strength.

Boom! Boom!


Amidst the lightning and thunder, a huge valley appeared in front of the party.

“That is the Thunder Cloud Thread Insect.”

Pan Funan leaned over the edge of the cliff and pointed at the bright light orbs flickering with electric arcs in the valley ahead.

He said in a low voice, “There are no members of the Battle race or demons guarding the valley.

The members of the Battle race guarding the Thunder Cloud Thread Insect are firstly at the entrance of the valley and secondly, at the lookout platform over there.”

Moving his finger, Pan Funan pointed at a stone platform that extended dozens of meters from the cliff and hung in midair hundreds of meters to his right.

“These two places are where we have to pay attention to.”

“The first is the members of the Battle race on the platform.

We have to kill them first.

As for the entrance of the valley, we can take it slow,” Pan Funan explained.

“You dont have to worry about these two places.”

Fang Polus voice sounded.

“Pan Funan, Brother Kong, you guys can just enter the valley.

Wait for our signal and attack immediately.

Try your best to destroy as many Thunder Cloud Thread Insects as possible!”

“Understood.” Su Jingxing nodded and did not say anything else.

Hearing this, Pan Funan stopped talking.

He called for Su Jingxing, concealed his aura, and sneaked down the cliff.

Su Jingxing followed him down the cliff like a ghost.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Although it was night, the sky above was also filled with thunderclouds.

However, their vision was not dim.

Instead, it was incomparably bright.

Firstly, lightning shot out from time to time.

Secondly, the lightning and thunder pools in the valley emitted light that illuminated half the sky.

Pan Funan and Su Jingxing followed the only shadow of the trees and approached the Thunder Cloud Thread Insects.

“Brother Kong, my side, yours.”

When they were about to reach a lightning and thunder pool, Pan Funan sent a mental voice transmission to Su Jingxing and pointed to the left.

Su Jingxing nodded and darted to the right.

With the two of them separated, they would destroy more Thunder Cloud Thread Insects and at a faster rate.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

In a flash, he dived under a tree.

He released his spiritual martial arts divine consciousness and slowly sensed his surroundings to make sure that there were no other threats.

Su Jingxing held his breath and waited for the signal.

The agreed signal was Fang Polu soaring into the air and fighting the Battle King who was guarding the Thunder Cloud Thread Insects.

A fifth-realm Battle King was the existence that threatened Pan Funan and Su Jingxing.

On the contrary, the Thunder Cloud Thread Insects posed a limited threat to them.

It was true that such a giant insect could guide the Void Divine Thunder.

However, it could not attract lightning and thunder in seconds.

Instead, it required at least a minute to prepare.

One minute was enough for Pan Funan and Su Jingxing to kill the Thunder Cloud Thread Insects!

With that in mind, Su Jingxing waited patiently.

One minute, two minutes, three minutes…

Soon, five minutes passed.

When it was almost ten minutes…

“You are courting death!”

A furious roar suddenly came from the entrance of the valley.

In the next moment, accompanied by a torrential aura, a figure wrapped in golden-red light soared into the sky.



A fiery red figure followed the golden-red glow into the clouds.

Boom boom boom!

The two figures soared into the sky and immediately collided, starting an intense battle.

Fang Polu and the fifth-realm Battle King entered a fierce fight.

The signal was here!

Swish! Swish!

Su Jingxing immediately flew out from the darkness.

In midair, he threw four giant palm imprints at the four lightning and thunder pools.

Every palm strike of the Firmament Nirvana Palm used 300 years of spiritual essence cultivation.

Not knowing how strong the Thunder Cloud Thread Insect was, Su Jingxing used a fatal move right from the start!


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