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The tree they have found wasn magnificent as he has been seeing. Its aura wasn the same, the feeling she gave wasn the same too. True, it was a coast redwood one of the most gigantic tree species ever lived. However it simply wasn it.

As soon as he stepped into the periphery, his unsettled heart didn connect as the same as in his dreams. At that moment he knew automatically he failed again. Standing there hardened by the cold, he was able to hear the talking and whispers of the people around him, yet he couldn speak a word or react at all. His heart only felt pain, excruciating pain that words cannot describe.

Suddenly fourteen brown wolves emerged from the shadows within the forest, growling fearlessly at the man in front. Their teeth bared as they came closer to the ground ready for attack. Xaviers men stood still waiting for orders, watching the brown wolves spreading around them little by little closing wherever space it were between them.

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