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He glanced at Chen Jianan next to him, and sure enough, his hands hanging by his side clenched into fists.

It was very ovious, he was about to make a move.


But while he hesitated, a young man sprang out of nowhere and rushed up, and the girl who was about to be shoved into the car was pulled out and pushed behind him.


Indeed, the world is really small.

Where do we not meet people in life. 

(people always have the opportunity to meet again after parting)


This righteous and brave brother was not someone else, but officer Zhou whom Qiao Wen had once met.


But at this time he did not look like a police officer, but a good young man who simply drew his sword to help in the face of injustice.


The four gangsters looked very powerful.

While trying to protect the woman, he also had to deal with the four people with his bare hands who took out the weapons.

For a moment he was outmaneuvered and was hit hard.


Later, he once again went to a gambling stall.

Although Chen Jianan and he weren’t yet close enough to call brothers, they were considered acquaintances.

Seeing this situation, Chen Jianan didn’t hesitate anymore, and stuffed the bag into Qiao Wen’s hand: “Xiao Qiao, you take it and wait here, I’ll go to help.”


Qiao Wen: “You be careful.”


Chen Jianan nodded, his brows frowned, and dashed forward with a loud shout, kicked the man who was hurling a steel stick at Zhou Renjun, and taking advantage of the person stumbled to the ground, he snatched the steel rod.


When the other thugs saw this, they threw Zhou Renjun away and surrounded him.

And one of the unlucky fellows who was going straight to the road of death directly rushed over and stepped on his new pair of white shoes.


Initially, Chen Jianan only intended to frighten a few people away.

But he didn’t expect a few things that were not afraid of death, not only did not leave, but they also soiled the shoes that Qiao Wen just gave him.


He looked down at the big black mark on his shoe and was instantly fired up.

While swiftly avoiding the four-way attack, the steel rod in his hand was like lightning accurately hitting three people.


Within ten seconds, four people were beaten up and down by him, and looked so embarrassed.

Seeing that they were no match for him, the gangsters dropped their clubs, rolling and crawling into the car, leaving behind a choking dust.


Standing not far from the whole spectator, Qiao Wen sighed slightly.


He had finally seen Chen Jianaan's unbelievable combat power.


Chen Jianan, who drove away the gangsters, lowered his head and carefully cleaned the new shoes on his feet with his hands, turned around and walked to the man sitting on the ground panting, and held out his hand: “Master Zhou, are you okay” 


It was also at this time he saw a police officer’s card dropped beside Zhou Xiaodong, so his outstretched hand subconsciously moved away to pick it up.


Although he had no culture, it didn’t mean that he was illiterate.


Looking at the police officer’s card in his hand he frowned and narrowed his eyes at Zhou Renjun who was standing up.

“Are you a police officer”


Zhou Renjun patted the dust on his buttocks, chuckled, grabbed the police officer’s ID, turned around, and asked the shivering woman standing not far away: “How are you”


In her fear, the woman shook her head as she cried out in tears, scrambling for words but incapable of saying a word.


At this moment, a black car drove over, and the woman hurriedly ran to open the door, and without further acknowledgment, the car quickly drove away.


Zhou Renjun didn’t care about it.

It was his duty to prevent crimes, and he didn’t expect others to thank him.

Moreover, this wasn’t under his jurisdiction, and it was understandable that others do not want to go to the police station to file for the record.


He patted the dust on his clothes and smoothed the disheveled hair again, trying to restore himself to the original handsome gentleman: “Thank you Anan.

Why are you here”


Getting no response, Chen Jianan’s face grew grim and asked again: “Are you a police officer”


The police went to the Kowloon Walled City to gamble for money.

This was really an anecdote in the world.


Zhou Renjun coughed lightly and said: “I am indeed a policeman in the government office.”


Meanwhile, Qiao Wen’s mind suddenly flashed some light, remembering that Zhou Renjun had a naive sense of justice in the original book, and hurried over and said: “Officer Zhou is not on duty.”


Zhou Renjun shook his head hurriedly: “No no, I am now on patrol in Sha Tau Kok.

It’s not easy to come back, so I take the time to buy something here.”


Qiao Wen frowned a little suspiciously, Zhou Renjun was a member of the Kowloon O Records, how could he be patrolling in a remote nook like Sha Tau Kok


He glanced at him silently, and found that after the other party said this, there was clearly a hint of indignation in his expression, which made him react quickly, he should have been assigned recently.


In light of the corruption at Hong Kong City Police Station and the black police's in control, it was natural that they would ostracize them if they did not join forces.

However, Zhou Renjun was a rich young master, and his grandfather seemed to be a royal knight.

This reassignment probably just gave him a little color, and it was estimated that he would be transferred back soon.


Qiao Wen said: “Zhou Sir is really a good policeman.

Even though you are not in your jurisdiction, you don't hesitate to step in when encountering a crime.

If the police in Hong Kong City is like Sir Zhou, the triad society will not be so rampant, the people can also live a peaceful life.”


He was simply talking about Zhou Renjun’s sore point.

He knew that the Hong Kong City Police Station was dark, but he didn’t realize that it was so dark until he entered the police station.

It was absurd for a policeman to get rich instead of catching a thief.


He didn’t go with other people, so he was shunted off to patrol the remote Sha Tau Kok, probably because they wanted him to resign by his own initiative.


But he did not hesitate to wait until the opportunity to come back.


He sighed deeply for the darkness of the world and his own powerlessness, and said: “Little brother is wrong.”


Qiao Wen said: “To be honest, we encountered a little trouble in the walled city.

And was at a loss, but just now we saw Zhou Sir’s righteous move and suddenly saw hope.”


Zhou Renjun frowned: “Is there anything I need to help with Anan helped me twice.

If you need anything, don’t hesitate to ask.”


Chen Jianan reacted to what Qiao Wen said, and he curled his lips reluctantly—because he really didn’t have any good impression of the police.

They ate the imperial grain and took the tax money of the common people, but were in league with underworld forces.

Let alone protecting people, they were even one step forward and protecting the gang members.


If the police could manage the Kowloon Walled City, then their lives wouldn’t be so frustrating.


So Isn’t this a fantasy for Zhou Renjun to go to the walled city to help rescue the two poor girls who were kidnapped


“Xiao Qiao, Zhou Sir can’t enter the Walled city as a policeman, what can he help us”


Qiao Wen didn’t pay much attention to his words.

He looked around and saw that there were people watching the bustle from a distance.

He whispered: “Sir Zhou, let’s find a quiet place and speak slowly.”


With that, the three went to the nearby Kowloon Park and found a secluded place to discuss the important matter secretly.


After listening to what Qiao Wen said, Zhou Renjun was really furious: “These people are truly unscrupulous.

When the police take over the Kowloon Walled City one day, I must personally lead my brothers to raid these harmful things.” And righteously said, “Don’t worry, I’m in charge of this matter, what do you want me to do”


Qiao Wen said to himself ‘I’m sure you’ll really do what you said’


After a little thought he said: “I haven’t thought about it yet, but Sir Zhou you must not reveal the identity of the police.

Let Brother Nan take the Lido to familiarize himself with the place, find a chance to settle the two little sisters, and then take advantage of the opportunity to take people away.”


Zhou Renjun nodded and patted his chest quite boldly: “I don't have anything else, but I still have a few dollars.

I'll bring as much as I need.”


This way the group of three twittered and finished plotting in the night, then bid farewell, then went back to their house to find their mother.


Chen Jianan had only met Zhou Renjun twice, and both were successful in gambling.

Inevitably, he would have a good impression of those who were lucky.

However, today he unexpectedly learned this guy turned out to be a policeman, and suddenly he had no good impressions.


On the tram on the return journey, he asked contemptuously: “Do you really think he can help”


Qiao Wen said: “I know you don’t like the police, but you don’t have to fight to death with one pole.

As you saw today, Zhou Renjun is still very chivalrous.

He is not in his own territory, but he dared to fight four thugs alone.”


Chen Jianan sneered: “It’s just that he can’t do it.

If it weren’t for this uncle to take action, it is estimated that today a dignified policeman would be beaten as a canopy marshal.”


Hearing this Qiao Wen laughed out loud and said: “Who can give you a Prettyl boy in Kowloon Walled City”


Chen Jianan was‌ very pleased with this remark., and raised his head proudly and said, “Of course.”


Qiao Wen said: “It's not hard to save people on your own, however it's almost impossible to do something that doesn't appear to show that you rescued them.

So we have to get help from people outside, so that Fei thought it was someone from the outside who took the person away, and you are at most guilty of unknowingly leading the wolf into the room.

Not to mention, if we rescue the people directly, how to deal with it is also a problem So this matter, Zhou Renjun must go out.

Even if his identity is found, but as long as he is out of the walled city, he is a rich young man with the identity of a policeman, and Brother Fei will not move him about this.”


Chen Jianan nodded thoughtfully: “You make sense, but in case if he is discovered before leaving the Walled city, then he may not be able to get out alive.”


Qiao Wen laughed: “So are you afraid of getting him involved”


Chen Jianan was dumb for a while.

He did have a second thought, but instead he thought that Zhou Renjun was originally a policeman.

If it weren’t for the special nature of the Kowloon Walled City, he should have taken care of it with integrity.


Qiao Wen didn’t expect that he, the big villain reserve army, should be so considerate of others, but he was a little ashamed of taking advantage of others.


He patted him on the shoulder and said, “Don’t worry, there is still more time.

Let’s plan well and definitely not let Zhou Renjun have an accident in the walled city.”


In fact, the reason why he approached Zhou Renjun was because he was the important figure in the protagonist camp of the original book, and comes with a hollow of could not die.



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